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Dust off your old film camera and join Rachel, Ade and Graeme on their adventures in the wonderful world of analog photography, from point and shoots to pinholes and everything in between

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Double Exposure #1: Konstantin Shabanov from Silberra


We didn't want to miss the chance to speak to Konstantin Shabanov, co-founder of Silberra before the Indiegogo campaign finished, so heres a special extra show!

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Ep. 76: An Ade memoir


This week there is much rejoicing on the show! Ade is back from Bhutan and full of tales, it's Rachel's birthday and to top it all off there are not one but TWO new camera announcements!

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Ep. 75: Chinese candy torture


In this episode we’re joined by the photographer and all round delight Isabel Curdes to talk about her work and how photography opened up a new world for her. Graeme has pinched a Leica and Rachel has won an exciting new commision. Also it’s her birthday

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Ep. 74: A Gallery showing


Happy days this week as not only does the ever lovely Rachel return, but we are also joined by super special guest Thomas Dukes from the Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool to hear about the cool stuff the gallery does, AND we have a new Polaroid review!

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Ep. 73: New film, who dis?


In this week's episode Ade and Rachel have abandoned Graeme, but fear not listeners as he is joined by community legend and terrible judge of photographs EM from Emulsive.org to get the hot scoop on Silberra film and catch up on Secret Santa activities.

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Ep. 72: Sandy 16


This week Graeme and Ade have rounded up the current crop of crowdfunding projects for review and comment. Ade gets to talk about what’s in his camera bag and both make promises to shoot some instant film in Polaroid Week.

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Ep. 71: What the actual Yash???


Disbelief, hysteria, giggles, guffaws and more this week as the internet lights up about digifilm. Ade met Winston Churchill and the Fat Controller on the same night, Rachel is Ade’s new boss (and great at it) and Graeme explores nose grease.

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Ep. 70: Happy are the makers and shakers


Graeme is a morose ducky this week so Rach and Ade take control (well mostly Rach (thankfully)) with news of Ade’s first ever assisting gig and field reports from market shapers in analogue

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Ep. 69: The gadget show


This week Rachel, Graeme and Ade discuss gadgets favoured by listeners from humble string to multiple uses for a wine-bag. Rach has been crazy busy, Ade is testing instax cameras and Graeme has been out on the town!

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Ep. 68: Instant for Everyone!


After the madness of last week Graeme and Ade settle down to properly consider all the movement in the instant photography market. Can they make it make sense? Add to that the excitement of a shutter noise quiz and normal service is resumed.

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