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What to do with the front page?

  1. Keep it as it is

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  2. Just update it more

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  3. Have it more forum focussed

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  4. Other (please explain)

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  1. The boffins need you!

    Hi everyone,

    There is a team of boffins that are currently looking at some of the things that need fixing and restructuring here on the website as well as finding a route for where the website will go in the next few years.

    While these boffins are chipping away and eating biscuits, we wanted to quickly ask your opinion on the front page.

    The front page is a pretty thing, but you probably have noticed that it doesn't get as much love as it deserves recently due to us all being busy taking photographs (or in my case, wiping baby bottom) and so it has somewhat called into question what to do with it.

    One set of boffins have thought about maybe just rearranging a few things but add more content more regularly, the other set boffins have considered removing the front page and replacing it with a more forum-focussed page which can also have articles but won't look as pretty. The boffins have a conundrum. What to do?

    So the boffins have asked me to find out what the community thinks. Please give us your feedback and if you have any other ideas, the boffins would love to hear them!
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    I went for "just update it more". I like the look of the site, and I think you need content other than the forum to draw people in. I'm happy to write some articles as you know, maybe a monthly column...?
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  3. Hmm, the front page describes the site quite nicely, and I went for the update option. That doesn't help Chris, of course, now that he's so in touch with his feminine side. Could anyone in the community help with the donkey work perhaps?

    I think we should ask Louise Topp with those fresh eyes for her opinion.
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  4. I don't really know the site yet but I'll see how it goes. :)
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  5. I have voted for "Just update it more". But is it possible to have a bigger forum link as well to draw people into the conversation?
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  6. Snap, what I was thinking is having something on the front page along the lines of the recent and popular topics, as well as photos from the member albums and / or flickr stream in a relatively prominent position
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  7. Am I the only one that doesn't look at the home page?

    I always go straight to the forums.
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  9. Well there's always one....
  10. ^ 2 actually, I've voted for a more forumcentric approach.
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  11. Can we do some work on the mobile interface to the website? If we are going to be refreshing front page content more often and encouraging more use of forums, a really good mobile interface would be useful. The recent changes to the rendering on mobile browsers are great but if there is anything else that can be done it would work well.
  12. At least two, my bookmark goes straight to forums, and other than that it's forum runner on the phone.
  13. I've avoided commenting mostly because I feel like the blame for "lack of front page content" falls a good part on me... But at the same time I know Chris and I have the same problem, as most of us do.. Kids, life, etc... It isn't easy to research, write, blah blah blah, a blog post. Hell, my own family site hasn't been updated in six weeks.. So I don't feel like I should have any say in this.

    But, if I was going to have a say it would be... yes blog post and front page content are important and it should be better. Only because I think it helps to drive people to what I believe we can all agree is the most important, most engaging, and most entertaining thing we have going... the forums. Which are amazing IMO, and can only be better with the addition of new folks...

    The catch (and I am only speaking for myself) is that it isn't easy to do with one, two, or even a couple folks. We need a solid group of people willing to submit content to the blog if we hope to drive more traffic to the forums. I would love nothing more then to have a constant stream of posts on the blog... but sadly I can only hope to post one a week myself. I think if we collectively want to do a blog/front page then we need to agree to all commit to submitting something on a regular basis... Myself included.

    So my thought is, based on the core group of amazballs people we have here maybe we can put together something to all contribute to the front page while not overloading a couple of us... I know for myself, as busy and a pain in the ass my schedule is, I can 100% commit to a minimum of one post a week...

    Anyway, my drunk ass two cents worth...


    PS - I think all of the same principals apply to the assignments... It isn't easy to post the assignment, the vote, etc... if we come up with a group willing to help out and do what needs done I think we can get back to two a month no problem... if that is what the goal is...
  14. Dude, it's your site. Of course you get a say and we all know that life gets in the way. Lord knows I've sleepwalked through the last 6 months since my kid showed up, the idea of having two of the little blighters running about is something I find completely unfathomable.

    I'm more than happy to help out with articles/podcasts etc and I think we've got a good core of people here all with their own take on things who would be willing to do the same. What I would suggest is that you and Chris come up with a set of principles/guidelines about what sort of content you would want and general pointers on tone etc, and the rest of us can go away and write interesting, witty articles. We could possibly cross-edit each other as well just to take the workload off you guys as well.
  15. Did you guys get anything organised with this? The offer of help still stands...
  16. @IainK Actually I'm doing it right now. It's been a bit problematic due to crossing logins between forums and wordpress. Will send info soon!

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