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Discussion in 'Photo Challenges' started by Chris, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. As mentioned on this week's podcast (will be online soon!), please post up the shot that you are most proud of in 2011 and let us know why its your favourite shot.
  2. damn that will be a hard one to pick out
  3. Agreed, it is going to be a tough one.
    What is going to make it touch is that I have only been shooting really since the end of 2010 so this equates to what shot am I most proud of out of everything I have done, definitely touch choice as there are so many for so many different reasons. Some because I love the shot, others because of what I had to learn / do in order to get the shot. I think many people on the site are in a similar position too so it will be very interesting to see what people come up with for this. I'll have a look through my archive once we get Christmas out of the way.
  4. @Ricky Smithson has already exactly stated my position on this one - my entire photographic life has been lived through this site since January this year, from when my interest in the hobby was first kicked off by, of all things, mucking around with the photo mode in GT5, through getting my DSLR and all the adventures and mishaps before and after.

    I can honestly say that picking up a camera (and this community) is the one thing that has rescued this year from being a massive pile of s*** for me, and so picking a photo is in some ways really tough. That said, maybe because it's a recent one, maybe because it's what almost all of my family are getting in one shaper or another for Christmas, or maybe just because it's the nicest picture of my boys that I have, this is my choice. A rare moment when the decisive moment was captured to the best of my ability.

    Chocolate by moroseduck, on Flickr
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  5. Both you and @Ricky Smithson sum it up for me in that I've only really been trying photography wise since January this year and joined here shortly after - I'm very glad I did both. So this could take a while for me to decide.
  6. maybe not my best pic but one of my favorite pics just because i didnt notice the flower till i loaded the images into lightroom

    tiny flower by evilmunky79, on Flickr
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  7. I have really struggled to pick a shot I consider to be my favourite of the year as there are so many that I love but I ended up going for a shot I got on my first ever shoot with a model.
    Although a pretty big step in taking my photography beyond a mere hobby, I love the shot for another reason. I set out with an idea and a shot that I definitely wanted to try capture on the shoot, and I managed to not only get the shot I wanted, but managed to produce and image beyond my expectations.
    The whole shoot proved to be a very rewarding experience I learnt a lot from.
    Natures Warmth by Rickyroy87, on Flickr
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  8. I'm still struggling with this one. Like many others have already said I've only really been taking photos as a regular thing since April this year so it's basically a toss up of all the shots I've ever taken with my DSLR. I've narrowed it down to a couple of different shots in a couple of different genres but really can't chose between them for varying reasons. A bit more thought required me thinks....
  9. it was fun getting into that location too XD
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  10. [​IMG]
    Go by Fobgoblin, on Flickr

    It's gotta be this one for me.

    I went to the Isle of Mull with, a pair of sturdy walking boots, a camera, some beer money and my Dad.
    The whole week we were away I had "One day like this" by Elbow on repeat play in my head.
    This picture sums up one of the many money can't buy moments.
    Cheers Dad!
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  11. I spend some time going through photos and came up with a shortlist of about 5, from that I decided it really must include the reason that I got my DSLR - my baby girl. I have ones that I prefer both in terms of techniques and subject matter but I would have to say the follow shot for me combines the two and is the one I'm most proud of:

    Murder on the Brechin express by CraigBeattie, on Flickr
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  12. I'm thinking mine would either be my self portrait or my shot of raining New York :D


    This one won second place in a photography contest in the "Open" category :D
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  13. Well I'm going for this one. Like @Batty79 my main motivation for getting a better camera and learning about exposure blah blah blah etc. was to get better pictures of my daughter. I'm sure I've taken better pictures technically, and done better edits but this one was taken during a period where she was fed up of me having the camera stuck to my face all the time and would charge at me every time I got it out. So I grabbed a fully manual 135mm f2.8 that I had to get a safe distance. It has no electronic communication with the camera at all so the whole setup was an educated guess.

    Sure, the focus is a little off etc. but it captures a moment of pure fascination in a young mind of 'what the hell is this stuff?'

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  14. I'm loving these pictures and the reasons behind the choices. CraigBeattie's picture is so timeless, Andy's self portrait is really moving and what gorgeously photogenic kids all us photographers have, must be a genetic thing!
  15. To choose one picture is crazy hard! Not because I have so many to choose from but because I have a lot that mean something to me. So, I think, for artistic purpose, my favourite is this one...

    Worthing pier by Ade968, on Flickr

    I couldn't choose just one so I made a little Flickr set if anyone wants to go delving...
  16. Here's mine, there's nothing technical or artistic about it but I knew when I shot it that I was going to like it. And it was at the very end of an amazing day when me and the girlfriend discovered the exhilirating experience of forest rallies in the UK.

    For anyone interested, it was the Wyedean Rally 2011 on 12 Feb, I forget which stage, maybe 7.
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  17. Love this one! Great story to go with it too, good work!
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  18. I took this for a competition at work themed pink.

  19. @Randomsnapper
    That is one incredible shot!
    Mind explaining how you did it?
  20. Would I b considered a bad person if it wasn't just one image? I shot all 3 images that make it up and I did all the processing if that helps. Have a crack at figuring it out and I'll reveal all soon. Might even write a how to but be prepared to make a mess if u try it

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