Assignment finished Your best photo of 2013

Discussion in 'Photo Challenges' started by Chris, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. The year has almost come to a draw, so come on, post up the pic you are most proud of this year!
  2. Well, for me, it's got to be this one:


    Has been repaired within an inch of it's life in Lightroom, but am really pleased with it. Took it on a D7000, with a helios 44m-4 58mm lens attached that I bought the week before for a fiver and then got the adapter a few days later. So this was my first adventure out with it attached. Have only used it a few times, but easily the best £5 I've spent all year!
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  3. Fun! I have a few that come to mind... Gonna have to do some digging and see...

  4. Wonderful shot dude!
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  5. Yeah, I remember that set of images, really nice stuff.
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  6. Hmm looking back I haven't shot that much this year, sure I shot a lot but that's mainly due to shooting 3 weddings and around 6 sporting events (so 500-3000 per event) but other than that not much at all. Only got a camera out a handful of times in the last 6 months, coincidence that the youngest is 6 months old this week?

    Anyway two that stand out for me are (they may not be technically very good but the mean something to me):

    Union of South Africa
    by CraigBeattie, on Flickr
    Not seen this engine for years after growing up in a house that faced onto the shed it was kept in so on weekends I used to watch it sit outside my house for 2-3 hours getting steamed up before going onto the mainline for an excursion. Ok enough but more background here Oh and yes it was moving at speed at it passed by.

    My baby girl
    by CraigBeattie, on Flickr
    Taken during the only real time I've attempted to get good shots of the youngest. I know, I really should have done more shoots with her while she was young but just no time.
  7. I have to say I've not managed to get out with the camera, or shoot nearly as much as I'd have liked this year. What I have managed to take hasn't felt particularly inspiring either, however this one does stick out as a favourite from a family holiday in Cumbria earlier in the year....

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  8. taken nearly a year ago, my first wedding with a bunch of nutters I've properly got some better shots, but this is one of my favourites

  9. I'm having a heck of a time picking one out for this year... Mostly because I think the majority of the shots I took were of the kids and rather then me being objective I am emotionally attached to the photos. That said, I picked this one of the new tiny human I made. lol

    by FlyACL, on Flickr
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  10. Awesome mate!
  11. For me, I think these were my favs:


    And there is another one of my daughter, but it's at home. I'll share it laterz
  12. Love that shot @Chris
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