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  1. We've had some great assignments and challenges this year, as well as a whole load of great new members so, as the end of the year approaches why not stick your favourite photo you've taken in 2012 here and tell us all how / why its your favourite. Any photo you like, whether we've seen it before or not it'd be really great to see your best...
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  2. If you'd asked me earlier in the year I would have said this image taken in February would be the best I would take all year:

    The Silvery Tay by CraigBeattie, on Flickr

    Now I would have to said that I now prefer this one (got lucky during a 40 second exposure when a train decided to cross):

    That bridge by CraigBeattie, on Flickr

    But I think this one pips it for me, just looking at it gives a feel so that you can imagine being there watching the sun come up:

    Arbroath beach by CraigBeattie, on Flickr

    I know that it was taken around 7am in November on the East coast of Scotland looking out to the North Sea, i.e it was COLD, but anyone else not knowing that can imagine/feel something else completely different. And that's why I think it's my best photo of the year.
  3. Think my favourite has got to be this one:


    Took it during a stay in North Wales and was quite lucky as it was the only clear night we had while we were there - it's probably my favourite as it's the sort of photograph I'd like to have to the opportunity to take more often. Living in the UK (south west London), clear skies are few and far between - party due to light pollution, but mostly due to the sodding weather.

    Other ones I'm quite fond of:

    A380 at Farnborough

    The Reflection of the London Eye

    Casa Mesquida at Night
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  4. Good idea Andy, I'll go through and have a look tonight
  5. Here are a few of my shots from 2012.

    I guess that for me, it has been a year of squeezing in pictures when I have the chance. I have had some ideas and not the time to carry them out, so a lot of my pictures are at night, sun is well and truly gone as the only time I can shoot is after work at 8pm onwards - so I have had to plan my ideas out a little before taking them. These are in the order of which I took them.

    I spotted this shot several years ago, and I have taken my camera with me many times, but never got the timing right as there are 4 escalators moving at the same time here and I wanted layers of people rather than emptiness.

    I see this every day, on this day it looked OK so I shot it. While difficult to spot, I like the conductor handing out of the door

    My first holiday with the 5D mkIII was Okinawa. I don't think this is a great shot at all, but it has good memories for me. It was the day I finished my diet I felt free for a while.
    Sun gazing-1.jpg

    Here is a good example of of a shot that I had planned...kinda! I had seen an image similar to this of flickr before I had left and thought it would be good to try and recreate it but it turned out to be quite difficult. With the tank so huge, you can stand here for 20 minutes and not see the whale and when he did come around I found that everyone took pictures, so I had a lot of pictures with flash involved or you could see LCD screens everywhere. When I saw the guy put his hands up I just shot continuously hoping for something different.

    My wife wanted to go on a small road trip before she got too pregnant, so we went to Korobe dam - one of the largest in japan. I manned up and took my tripod with me, I'm glad I did or none of these shot would have been half as good. Always take your tripod.

    Another shot from Korobe Dam. Unfortunately by the time we reached this part of the trek the sun was high in the sky making colour a bit of a wash out, but I think it suited B&W ok in the end. I did a series of these in B&W and also an underground bunker in HDR.

    Almost 8 months since I took the first shot on this page, I returned to Yodobashi with my tripod. I had spotted a place where I could perch myself above the crowd for a good angle. I was probably here a good hour waiting for something interesting to happen when this girl decided to wait right in the middle of the flow of foot traffic. Most people go to the left or right, but she stood in the middle looking at her phone as she waited for her boyfriend. The thing I hate the most is that she never turned around, she had her back to me the entire time - I guess one of the trade-offs of an awkward angle.


    Here is my last shot. I had been planning to photograph an area near my work for years but I never had a decent tripod allowing me to pull off certain shots. So I wanted to have a warm glow about these lanterns and tbh I didnt have any lighting setup so I went for HDR in the shot. I know it shows, I know some people don't like HDR (including me in many cases) but it was difficult to pull that level of black and light without breaking the highlights or making the black too black. I wanted a hobbit'esque feel to it and I hope I pulled it off.
  6. I still really love that shot of the shark Chris, and your street photography for me is always interesting. I'm one of those that hates the overuse of HDR but that last image of the lantern is done just enough to not be in your face (the way HDR should be done in my opinion ;)) and it's brilliant - I also loved the image you got in the street on the same outing of another of those lamps.

    Edit - case I can't spell lol
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  7. Sorry to be boring all pics of my son but here are my fav






  8. [​IMG]




    First to images are 5x4 large format other two are digital. These are a few of my favs.
  9. I haven't really taken any shots which to me are on a level of some of the stuff above, too much time spent playing with unfamiliar kit, not enough time spent taking good pictures, but never the less, here are the pictures which, for various reasons, mean something to me from 2012, and I'll try to figure out what it is about them I like too!

    The first is totally personal, from I think my third roll of film, and whilst it has zero technical or artistic merit, it's just caught a lovely expression on my sons face, and the softness and tone of the film add to that appeal for me.

    Sweet hat bro' by moroseduck, on Flickr

    The second was was one of many take in Clovelly. I made a conscious decision to try and capture elements of the scene, rather than the whole, and had more fun shooting, and got better results because of it. This one is my favourite of the day, the colour and shape of the boat and the contrast of the chain against the pebbles are what works for me, although looking at it now, the pebbles could do with toning down a little.

    Clovelly Harbour-2 by moroseduck, on Flickr

    Another holiday snap, this time shot on film. I'm for the most part pleased with the composition, although the large rectangle of grey sky does lay like a dead weight on image, if I had got lower it would probably have been better, r simply aimed lower and got all of the reflection in the shot. I do think that the pervasive grey of the sky, the sea and the sand wok to turn it into an almost monochrome image, highlighting the surfers and their reflections, but it's the child in red, and his mothers red hair that give the image some life, and them looking back at the surfers helps bring my eyes back to them as well

    Done for the day by moroseduck, on Flickr

    Lastly I like this because it represents one of the rare occasions where I thought about what I was doing, and the results didn't disappoint. Taken on film back in the summer, with a guesstimate exposure value and using a yellow filter to darken the sky and lighten the walls of the hall, it wasn't until months later that I got the film finished and developed, and learnt that I hadn't fudged it all up. It's managed to bring a little more drama to what was a nice, sunny day

    Minster Lovell Hall by moroseduck, on Flickr
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  10. I'm terrible at picking out "one".. I'm also bad at keeping my favorite one that isn't of my boy. lol In that vein, this is my pick for the photo am most happy with....

    Mustang Golf Course #3 by FlyACL, on Flickr
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