Yosemite yet?

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  1. Has anyone tried Yosemite yet? Are there miraculous new wonders around the Photos app?
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  2. what photo apps? i'm on yosemite. LR PS works fine, wouldn't know about iphoto i've never used it since SL because its poo
  3. Actually I was thinking of the new Apple Photos app that is supposed to be the new asset management tool.
  4. its not out for mac yet. its due next year
  5. I've not updated either of my machines yet, Crashplan says they have an issue and are working on a fix so I'm waiting on that before updating. I could do my MBP now but I don't fancy using one on it and the other not.
  6. @evilmunky thanks. Didn't know it was scheduled for later.
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  7. I had to google it, since i couldn't find it on spotlight lol
  8. Yosemite seems OK so far, not tried updating iPhoto yet due to the really crappy reviews out there - looks like lots of people are losing all their images!!
  9. Definitely need library backups then.
  10. I'd recommend everyone manually back up any images on their phone/iPad without the use of itunes. There's a load of apps out there to do it for you, but the best one is actually already installed.

    You can easily do a quick backup by plugging in the phone and go into applications>image capture. From here you can see all the photos. Select all and download to folder. Avoid iPhoto like the plague for backing up. Don't know how many times I've lots pics due to that program
  11. That's what I do.. Windows style... I am sure I have a billion duplicates but I'd rather have then then loose something... I did see Amazon announced unlimited storage for Amazon Plus members... seems like a good option as another backup since it doesn't cost me (as a plus member) anything.... and it's Amazon... so their stuff is pretty solid...

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  12. I still haven't got around to updating both machines to Yosemite but now that Crashplan has confirmed they no longer have issued I need to get the finger out and sort them.

    Re backuping up of images I use PhotoSync app on my iPhone. It's a simple little app that lets you copy over images from the phone to various different services, other mobile devices or pc's. I use it with the software on my Mac Mini so when I'm in the house and on the wifi I can copy over any recent images I want safe, both my wife and myself use it and it copies into a designated folder which then get time machined and backup to Crashplan automatically etc. Means we can also send each other images in batches rather than individually as messages/emails from one iPhone to another.
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    I have been doing some more reading. It seems like 10.10.1 has not solved all the wifi problems. Given that my MBP is my daily work computer and that I rely heavily on wifi on client sites I am waiting for 10.10.2 for that one.

    Having said that, this is my study today :)


    I am over 40 and still get hand-me-downs from my Dad. The iMac on the left is my 2008 iMac 7,1 on which I am typing this post. It has done brilliantly for over 6 years now as my main photography computer. It is a little slow now and I will certainly thin twice before upgrading it to Yosemite at all.

    The iMac on the right is a 2012 iMac 12,2 with loads more memory and storage. It is second hand but should be great with a complete wipe and fresh Yosemite install. It is wired into my home network so won't have any wifi issues. I am running the installs today and will have an initial play with Aperture on it to see how it goes.

    I will still be kind to my old iMac but I'll give it some light duties from now on I suspect, maybe streaming movies to the bedroom.
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  14. Damn thing shut down my Aperture, I have to pay for a bloody upgrade to get at my stuff!! Sodding zombie Jobs.
  15. @Rob Edwards huh? Is the Aperture upgrade for Yosemite a paid upgrade then?
  16. 'twould seem to be the case, still looking into it though.
  17. I finally updated both. On the MBP it killed Final Cut as it's an older version, so I had to download and install a new one *cough cough*

    Oh and nice setup Ade, I'd kill to have an iMac as well as my MBP. But seeing as I have no space for a desk I have no space for a desktop machine, so make do with my Mac Mini as the main machine on a shelf next to the kitchen tv.
  18. @Rob Edwards I now have Aperture running on my "new" iMac on Yosemite and didn't have to pay. I just downloaded v3.6 from the mac app store. Did you have a really old version of Aperture before? My Mavericks machines are running 3.5.
  19. so i just upgraded. look at how much fecking memory one kernel is taking while not actually doing anything:
    Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 3.25.35 PM.png

    have a look at kernel_task
  20. Interesting. Mine says this:


    This is just after booting the machine with just a couple of apps running. Having said that though the overall memory usage looks ok...


    I'm not sure what the virtual memory designation means in this case if it is not using any swap files.

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