Yongnuo 560iii and 560Tx review

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I bought two Yongnuo 560iii flashes and the 560Tx transmitter.now I have had a chance to use them I thought I would write it up.

    The main reason for buying these was to be able to remotely control my flash power levels. The 560iii flash has built into it a radio receiver capable of receiving instructions more than just when to fire. It can receive power and zoom adjustments from the transmitter. The transmitter has an LCD screen and can control power and zoom for up to 6 groups of remote flashes.

    So how does it work? It works well. The flashes are easy to operate after a little reading of the manual. The manual is brief and written in a very strange language that shares only occasional phrases with English but it does the job. The transmitter is also easy to use after a quick read.

    Setting up the system requires pairing the transmitter with the flashes. This is no harder than Bluetooth pairing. After that, just set the firing group on the flash and everything works very easily.

    In operation I have so far kept to simple use. Having set up the flash on a stand with an umbrella I can walk away. If my exposure is not correct I can change the power setting without having to move either myself or my lights. I can also turn groups on or off entirely to test what effect each light is having.

    And it all works. I haven't done a long distance test yet but I haven't had any misfires at all. The only criticism I have is that the sprung pins on the transmitter hotshoe foot are a bit tight. It can be tricky to get the transmitter into a hotshoe. This can be solved though by using something small and flat to push the pins in as it slides into the hotshoe.

    So far then, a good buy and an absolute bargain at £65 per flash and £30 for the transmitter.
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  2. Sounds a little like the canon system they now have. I agree with the pins too - I have had a hard time pushing the triggers onto other equipment. I think they had a lot of grief in the past with their products just sliding out of the hotshoe - obviously overfixing the problem but at least they are doing something.

    PS was the manual a photocopy? lol The ones for my triggers is most certainly a xerox lol
  3. Actually the manuals were properly printed little booklets. I have bought cheap stuff in the past though with xeroxed instructions.
  4. Just bought two more of the YN 560iii flashes. They work great. Only downside is 3-4 second recharge at full power. Anything below half power and recharge is practically instant.

    Even better, the UK price has gone down. Now they are approx £46 instead of the £65 I paid a few weeks back.
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  5. I also got impatient waiting for the yn600 and bought the 560iii to go with the trigger. At 7,000 yen it's a steal.
    I actually prefer the usability over the canon. To change power settings on the canon I have to press -/+ and then turn a dial (which is quite tough) and then press enter to lock it in. The yongnuo basically uses left and right. Bloody simple!

    Though I still think the RT system of controlling settings from camera top is great, opening a softbox to change settings will always be a pain
  6. I had a good old rattle with this flash yesterday and did some tests on full power recharge times and mine was under two seconds. I'm using eneloops for my flashes
  7. Hmm, maybe I'll try again with fresh batteries!
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