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  1. It seems trite to say that the announcement wasn't aimed at "us" (as in the traditional gaming community), but in reality it was exactly what I'd expect based on the latter years of the 360 - a heavy focus on kinect, tv integration and shooters, now with added sports to get the other mass market.

    The 360 lost me, and there was literally nothing about this announcement that made me interested in the Xbone. It could definitely be argued that there will be much more for gamers at E3, but MS hasn't shown anything to interest me in the last 3 years, so why should this be any different.

    Also, Xbox one is a stupid, market confusing name, and the design is mad boring. I have no doubt that this will sell by the boatload in the US, and very well in the UK, but anywhere else and I'm really not too sure.
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  2. My TV does picture in picture, skype, iplayer and the like and get this, I can watch tv on it too!
    I don't care much for sports, so the Xbox one really doesn't seem to have much to offer right now.
    Will have to wait to see what games it has to offer...
  3. I've just skimmed a few bits and pieces, and it's all a bit underwhelming really. Initial thoughts:

    It's really ugly, but then all consoles are.
    I have no interest in Kinect whatsoever so if the price gets bumped up because there is one bundled in the box that's a bad thing. Motion control which offers no physical feedback to the player is fundamentally flawed. If I want to wave my arms around like an idiot I'll go and actually play tennis, rather than pretending to play it.
    The thing about games being tied to consoles really sucks. What if I want to lend a game to a friend, or trade something in?
    The thing about it always requiring an internet connection also really sucks.
    I have no interest in any of the games annouced so far. More generic sports games and sodding COD?
    The name is stupid.

    Ultimately I'm not at all fussed about the idea of it being some kind of all in one box. I want a games console. To play games on. Preferably single player games. It looks like the PS4 may be the next gen machine for that purpose, other than the Wii-U which I haven't been bowled over by either.
  4. I kinda like a lot of the ideas they have come up with but how many will make it out of the US?

    They have confirmed that with games you can let anyone else use that game on your machine (as long as you have the disc) and can take it round to a mates, but with that you need to sign in on your account (which is availble on the cloud) and have the disc with you. If your mate then wants to keep playing (on their own account or after you've taken the disc away) they then have to purchase the game. If you trade a game (which they have said they are designing into the system) the new owner can pay a fee to allow them to play it. What they haven't confirmed is if there is more than 1 console in the house, such as a father and son, can the game be played (at different times) on both machines without having to purchase a second copy or pay the fee to transfer ownership.

    Like I said I like many of the general ideas, mainly UI ones, but will they work as well as they say - time will tell. I defo can't see me getting one in 2013 or 2014 so there is time for me to see how things shake out.
  5. i think its one licence per console Batty79, they are thinking money rather than common sense. the design is growing on me, tho i really like the pre production version with the lime green accent and cabling. but for me having to have kinect for the console to work no thanks i don't want it complaining that i don't have the room the size of ikea for it to work. and whats wrong with a single button to turn the console on? what if your mute? did i read that if you pick up your controller it knows and starts? what if your just moving stuff about as you tidy up?
  6. The always on Kinect has pretty much killed any interest I had. Currently my xbox is in my bedroom, so when the wife is watching Glee or something, I can bugger off and play a game of Halo or something. And I have no interest in waving my arms or chatting with my TV. Only a really, really good line-up of games can change my mind, with one of them being Left 4 Dead 3 maybe. But right now, PS4 has my attention.
  7. I just find the always on Kinect thing a bit sinister. Plus, everyone knows motion controls are balls. I made the mistake of buying into it with the Wii, and once the novelty wore off I don't think I even considered turning it on for about 4 years. I've booted up the C64 more than that.
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  8. I'm not a serious gamer so I won't comment on that. What I do think though is that the so called "battle for the living room" is becoming increasingly irrelevant. As I write this, my kids are watching something on an iPad. I can't see them sitting down with us when they are older to watch TV. They will be watching whatever they want, whenever they want it on their own portable screens.

    I suspect the prevailing technology will be the lowest global common denominator, probably the internet. The media business is different in the USA to the UK to other countries which will make global domination of any hardware platform hard.
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  9. Pre-orders? I put mine in for both the Xbox One and the PS4 but I'm kind of a dick like that. lol... What do y'all think?
  10. I think Sony are coming out swinging, and in almost anywhere that isn't North America, Microsoft is going to have a tough time of it. The Kinect is making it expensive, and it's not something that everyone wants. Their stance on DRM and used games is just getting peoples backs up - it is not surprising at all to me that EA have really got into bed with MS this time around, as they are clearly very happy with the measures Microsoft are taking.

    As someone who was never likely to be buying an Xbox 1 first anyway, I'm just happy, and surprised, that Sony is being so aggressive. I don't know if I will buy a PS4 anywhere near launch, but it is more likely than I expected it to be.
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  11. I'm probably not going to early adopt, but at the moment the PS4 is the most attractive option, especially if the price of the Xbox is indeed going to be £429.

    I do think that if Sony or MS had offered backwards compatibility they would have been onto a total winner to those crossing over to the over camp- the last PS I had was the original version and if I could catch up with PS2/PS3 games on the PS4 I'd be all over that like a rash.
  12. No mention of an xbox one release in Asia at all at launch so they can suck penis
  13. Yup your i agree you are a dick ; )

    If i had the cash i would get both but i guess i have to join the crowd and go with Sony, still feels weird after all issues they have has with PS3
  14. I find it weird that so many people have already made up their minds and said which they are getting or have pre-ordered, there's still almost 6 months till either are out and a lot can change in that time. Just look at how much MS has backtracked already....
  15. Yep, I agree Batty79 I can see a whole lot of things changing with both of them over the next six months... Maybe even the price, though I think that is unlikely. I only preordered so that I wouldn't have to wait whenever I decided. I can cancel anytime and I didn't have to put any money down so it really is just kind of a placeholder at this point.

  16. See that makes sense if you know you'll get one and your not paying a deposit. Over here people are paying deposits when placing their preorder, which I just find crazy!
  17. So, now that both the PS4 and Xbone are out, did anyone actually buy one yet?
  18. I see @Adam bought an Xbone and not too happy so far with the pass-through feature (ie xbone has to be always on to watch tv)

    I have no time to game these days so not looking to pick up either in the near future - you'll be the same soon enough @IainK

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