Worldwide Pinhole Photography day 2016

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  1. We've got just over a month until Worldwide Pinhole Photography day on April 24th, so now is the time to start prepping and practising!

    I admit that at least part of the reason I'm posting this is because I'm over-excited at the hopefully imminent arrival of my handmade wooden Ondu camera that I backed on Kickstarter last June, but regardless, Pinhole is fun as hell, anyone can do it, both digital and film, and it can be the kind of hacked together DIY nonsense I love.

    Here's a link to the website , date of the even is 24th April there is even a meetup happening in Bristol @Davis , fingers crossed it's more successful than yours. I expect I'll be working, but I'll have a/some pinhole weaponry with me.

    I think we ought to have a competition to see who can make the most craptasticly awesome pinholer, anyone else up for this? Great to do with kids as well,. I might even risk that!

    Small hole, big world baby!
  2. Good one!

    This has tickled my pinhole and got me month to knock up a little something something should be plenty of time.

    How are you making the apertures? I guess a hole with a pin, but this feels like it would be a little large. With out any knob jokes, do you know of anything easily accessible and narrower than a pin?
  3. Needles my boy, that's what I used last time, I raided my mums sewing kit at the time. As they taper you can get a real diddy hole. That said it's still something I need to work on also.

    I really want to make a big'un and use photographic paper, give me a chance to try and develop it and get a first taste of darkroom delights. My better half works for a cafe, I wonder if they use any of those big ass catering tins of stuff...
  4. This will be useful in the design phase:

    Also, you can by micro drill bits, smallest of which come on at 0.3mm, which would work. Busy month of experimenting ahead
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  6. I am bowled over by your prompt and superb effort with this, well done sir! How did you make the pinhole, and how did you position it?

    For my part, I have got myself a good sized tin with a lid, and I've ordered some Ilford direct positive 4x5 paper, most exciting!
  7. Cheers Duck, I was pleased I managed to get an entry into the assignment, now those 5 glorious entries can get the full 10 day consideration they deserve!
  8. Here is the Conway as it started, I hope I havent lost any of it, its loads like a 'blad what with its modular nature

    [​IMG]2016-03-20_11-06-34 by Jeremy Beachman, on Flickr

    Check out the green filter, I left that in as everyone likes a filter. hot feature. I usually go for red but hey ho

    [​IMG]2016-03-20_10-23-50 by Jeremy Beachman, on Flickr

    The front cover comes off, and by luck the distance to the filter from the front aperture is the same as the height of a tonic water bottle lid:

    [​IMG]2016-03-20_10-23-24 by Jeremy Beachman, on Flickr

    I drilled out the centre of the bottle lid, taped tin foil to the back and poked a hole in the middle using the leg of a resistor.
    This 'lens' was then taped to the inside of the lid and the camera assembled.

    Other hot features are a lot of rust on one of the roller bars, this gives the film a lovely scratched look.
    As for composing you just point and hope.
    6x9 was a bit of a surprise and I cant seem to get the auto facebook upload feature working..
  9. Looking forward to seeing this, capturing straight onto paper is great idea, cut out that negative middle man.
  10. They're great. even managed to capture a nice bit of sky. The 6x9 is a nice surprise, looks like it's a normal focal range and pretty good sharpness as well, in pinhole terms anywho.

    What film did you use for this? The roller has made a bit of a mess, sanding down, ow wrapping some 120 backing paper around it might be a plan.

    I'm really looking forward to playing with the paper, and finally getting to use the darkroom equipment I bought 2 years ago! It's not cheap at about £17 for 25 sheets, but I'll slice up a couple to experiment with first. Be fun for photograms as well, and I might try it in the back of some of my super old folders that you can't get the film for. It's a whole new basket of adventure, and yes, **** that middle man and his negativity.
  11. Quick update, I've prepped my first camera, the Tinhole mk1. Paper is also here, so the next step is to get the dark room dark, and then I'm good to go.

    One slight hiccup, I need an ortho deep red safelight, but only have orange and green. I guess orange will have to do, keeping my eyes open for a deep red carrier bag to shove it in. Also no hypoclear, so an hour in running water to rinse...
  12. Yeah Nice Duck man, got any pics yet?
    I don't like the sound of that orange light, have you considered just doing it in the dark?
  13. To address the balance of forum film love, I am going to make a digital back for the Conway.
    Time to crack out the Dremel, old digicams and some goose island.
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  14. Project Tinhole update, I decided to risk it and load using the safelight last night - I need to know if it will **** it up, so scientific tests must happen.

    To save on paper I've cut a sheet into quarters and taped one of these into the lid of the camera. Then electricians tape around the edge of the lid as light leaks in through that.

    For a shutter, I stole a flexible british gas fridge magnet to cover the hole. No expense spared.

    Some pics, first the candidates for Pinholiness:

    Eenie weenie hole:

    Blacked out:

    Ready to go. I hope:

    So, plan is to shoot the four small pieces over the next week (as I can only currently load and unload after dark, that's one shot a day), keep the exposed sheets in the dark until I can develop them, hopefully end of this week. If all goes even vaguely to plan then the next step is a full sheet, and to put make the rest of the cameras so that I can load up a few at a time.
  15. Tinhole!


    Looks good. I'm going to knock up a whiskycam inspired by yours.
    What's your thinking behind dragging it out all week? Best to develop straight away and spot any mistakes early no?
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  17. Standard tin foil punctured with a resistor leg, here is the camera assembled, behind the tasting notes booklet is a crudly cut rectangle of Ilford Multigrade IV

    [​IMG]Assembled camera by Jeremy Beachman, on Flickr
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