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Discussion in 'Critique my photographs' started by Adam, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Been a busy couple of months... Thought I would post a couple pics for everyone to critique... nothing planned, they are more or less snaps but I like them... Of course they are of the kids, but I did work to position them with the back lighting behind them and use some high speed fill... Pretty much turned out how I wanted in terms of exposure... kids are kids so you get what you get lol...

    [​IMG]20150329-ACP_6092 by FlyACL, on Flickr

    [​IMG]20150329-ACP_6094 by FlyACL, on Flickr

    [​IMG]20150328-ACP_6019 by FlyACL, on Flickr
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  2. Nice shots mate. Must have been raining a lot, all your shots have big puddles in them :)

    Your set up sounds pretty much like what I do for my kids outdoors. Apart from I use my Fuji X20 usually which syncs up to 1/2000th without needing to do the high-speed strobe thing. It certainly works for you though, the exposures look spot on.

    Despite your caveat of only getting what you get, I think you have captured some great expressions, especially the first shot.

    Given you have posted in the critique forum, may I offer a couple of ideas? First, I try to take the backgrounds down to 1-2 stops underexposed to give a clearer separation. Not to everyone's taste though as a look.

    Second, could you get bigger catch lights? I like to use a bounce umbrella with at least 2 speedlights into it. This gives a bigger catch light. I also try to position it at kid-head-height with an almost vertical face to the umbrella to be sure of the catchlights. I almost use it as an off-axis fill if that makes sense?
  3. Nice to see you posting some pictures up on here again dude, I love seeing your phone snaps on flickr, but it's great to see these more planned shots.

    That first one in particular is a real winner. Thats a handsome couple of boys you've got there and they are growing up fast!
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  4. Thanks guys... I totally agree with both of you... @Ade I totally want to set something up like that.. I would like a bigger light, as well as some type of modifier... umbrella, soft box, ect,... High on my list to get put together!

    Thanks @moroseduck ... I have been very (VERY) lazy lately with the camera vs the phone.. I am happy to get some shots, but I am disappointed I am not getting the better quality I would by using the "big camera"... On the other hand they are getting big, fast, and are the most exhausting things I have ever experienced.. lol... So I am sort of happy getting what I get... lol

    The nice thing is summer is coming and it should be easier to get outside and get some better photos... Kids aside, I miss being able to get out and capture...

  5. Nice pics mate - it's really hard to do this kinda thing when the kids are moving around and don't sit still enough.

    Like the other guys, I like the top one. The reason is that it's well exposed and it's given quite a pop to the images.
    For the other two, they look like they are underexposed from a flash standpoint - the backgrounds are right, it's just they need a tad more light. I'm guessing that you hit the HSS limit? HSS takes away all the power, so distance can always be an issue when using it.

    Only work around if you stay in HSS mode is to either get the flash off camera and closer to your subject (i.e. someone in the pool holding the flash) or buying another flash and doubling the amount of light (I call this the joe mcnally technique haha - let's get ten flashes!).

    Overall great shots.

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