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  1. While the rest of the UK has been getting blasted with snow for the past week or so we'd had very little in the Northwest of England. Anyway, we got a good covering over the weekend so I managed to get an early morning wonder in and even set off with a rough plan for a change. Presuming that the weather forecast was right, I thought that a predicted sudden rise in temperature would create a good deal of mist as the snow melted quickly so wanted to get some nice sun beams in the woods illuminating the snow covered trees. I also had a backup plan, to capture some snowscapes across the fields as the mist rose from the melting snow, so I got to work on these while I waited for the sun to rise.

    Sadly, the sunrise was blocked out by a blanket of cloud so never got to see those sun beams but did manage to get some of the fields. I'd really welcome some good old honest C&C so what do you guys think?

    Winter Sunrise by andy_grundy, on Flickr

    Early Thaw by andy_grundy, on Flickr

    Cold Start by andy_grundy, on Flickr

    And here's a couple of other random ones to chew over...

    Catching the Snow by andy_grundy, on Flickr

    Cold and Lonely by andy_grundy, on Flickr
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  2. Nice job! Love the first one with the pinks in the sky!
  3. The first one is lovely, as Adam has said, the colour on the sky is lovely, I would try cropping the bottom third of the image out, to see how it looks without the road in the shot as the big block of dark pulls my eye down, and then there's nothing there you really want to see. Other than the road I love the composition of the shot. There is a nice dust spot in there to adios, and if it was possible to get rid of the power lines, then that would make it even better.

    The second picture I love the background of and you've really captured the feel of a winter morning, it's beautifully exposed. I'm not quite so keen on the trees in the foreground. They nearly work as a frame, and I think in leaf they would be perfect, but the they are just a bit too wild and straggly at this time of year.

    Picture 3 is great, my eye follows the wonky fence and goes up the tree and then drops down to see a snow shrouded digger in the background, very nice! In an ideal world, I'd prefer it again without the straggly tree on the left, but I'm guessing you didn't have a chainsaw handy :) i like that the pattern of animal tracks in the snow is repeated in the stream, and the tree line in the background balances the stream out nicely.

    4 has a strong graphic feel to it that I really like, although it is a little dark at the moment. I wonder how it would look in black and white with the contrast pushed up a bit - the colour isn't really adding to the shot, it's all about the light and the dark and the strong shapes, at least for me.

    I love the simple, clean composition of 5, it's my kind of picture. Again, it is very dark though - snow is usually more white than that :) Bump up the exposure a couple of notches and you've got a winner, although you might lose that lovely early morning glow that you've captured which would be a shame.

    On the whole I think they're a great set of pictures, and you certainly saw shots that I would have completely missed, and did a great job of capturing them. I hope that my comments aren't offensive or annoying - they come from a position of someone who doesn't really shoot landscapes enjoying looking at your pictures, and definitely not from someone who could have done better themselves (see my flickr stream for proof of this :))
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  4. Not offended in the slightest mate thanks very much for the comments. I certainly agree with you re. the last 2 being a bit too dark. The perils of working on a laptop with a crappy screen I'm afraid. By the time I'd realised I'd not corrected them properly apathy had taken over so here they are!

    I also think you're right about cropping the bottom from the first shot. There is a church spire in the mist which is a bit lost at the moment so perhaps removing the distraction of the stream would accentuation this a little more.

    This is exactly why I posted them here as I know for certain that I don't nail the compositions and exposures on these sorts of shots so it's always good to get some opinions either way.
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  6. Very nice pics Andy Grundy, I hope you dont mind me jumping in with my 2 euro cents:
    My stand out shot of the original 5, was the 4th, closely followed by the 2nd. I like the way you broke up the landscape sequence with a final shot of the leaf, is it in some sort of small foot print? However I thought the composition of the first shot was naff and was a poor introduction to a fine set of snowy morning images.

    After moroseduck shop suggestions I think winter sunrise is a new picture. The square crop is right on and I don't miss the tarmac at all. It is possibly now my favourite of the bunch. Catching the snow on the other hand has lost all of its magic for me; I see what you were trying to do, and you've done it, but the light was the ticket for this show. What a fantastic colour of sky you can get if you wake up early and pop out with your camera.

    All in all very nice indeed.
  7. That leaf shot looks fantastic now you're punched up the white, and as much as I liked winter sunrise before, I do prefer it without the stream at the bottom.

    I do like the black and white conversion of Catching the snow, it has a different, more moody feel to it than the colour version. I don't know if I like it more than the colour, but It brings something else to shot.
  8. You go for it Daverino9 . Your euros are worth more here than almost anywhere else in the world ;) I'd certainly agree that the composition of the sunrise shot is much better now and the details in the mist are much more identifiable. With catching the snow, personally I think the shapes created by the trees have been accentuated in B&W but it does lose that early morning feel.

    I do love getting out early. I find the first light of the day really inspiring from a photographic point of view. Much more so than sun set. Plus, if I get out and back again before the kids get up then I don't lose any brownie points, I just lose sleep!
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  9. Great set of shots. The second pic in the original post is by far my favorite, it's a scene I'm getting used to seeing over here and this sums it up perfectly. The edit of the first shot is also now fantastic, the townscape eluded me in the original (viewing at forum post size) but in the edit it becomes almost the focus of the image set off against the pinks in the sky. Great job capturing, and then bringing to life in the edit :)

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