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  1. While waiting in the docs office yesterday, I had a imessage rally with @Adam and we talked all kinds of crap about video games. It's been a while since I've spoken about them at all.

    I'm going back through archives of games recently that I never had time to play once the kid was born. Recently I'm playing the Walking Dead series of games - which are all fantastic, but my wife thinks they are depressing (she could be right haha).

    What are you guys playing?
  2. I recently bought an xbox one after the taxman kindly gave me a bit of money back, so just finished playing through Arkham Knight, which was very, very good. Not as good as some people think it is, mind. Just about to start on Shadow of Mordor.

    I really liked the walking dead games (I'm assuming you mean the graphic adventure ones), but the first series I thought was better. The second was just a bit unrelentingly bleak to really be fun. It's an interesting game series, my wife gets annoyed by it because for all the choices you are presented with most of them are merely the illusion of choice and both options end up with the same result. My feelings are that it doesn't really matter - if you think you are influencing the story then that is still better than 99% of games out there which just direct you from a to b fetching stuff.
  3. I really enjoyed the first season of the walking dead game, haven't got around to the second one yet. Loving the heck out of Rocket league when I get the chance to play, slowly plodding my way through Everybody's gone to the Rapture, and I want to get back to Bloodborne (and Shadow of Mordor) when I have the time.

    Very much looking forward to Fallout 4 this winter.
  4. Where does all this time come from? I would like to play more games but unless I give up on sleeping, it is unlikely to happen for a few years. I look forward to my kids being old enough though. Currently we are playing the iPad Lego Juniors games. They also like Gran Tourismo but they can't play it on their own yet.
  5. I quite often go to bed at 2am. Nuff said!
  6. I do that too (not too often) but mostly because I am catching up on work stuff.
  7. Turn about on bath/bed duty...
  8. I don't game anything like as much as I used to. I only have one night a week when I catch up with a couple of friends (who I met through @Adam's old home Cranky Gamer) for our regular session, and more often than not that is all the chance I get. When a game does sink it's teeth into me, then yes, I'm with @Chris, it is totally sleep that gets sacrificed.
  9. I watched a documentary on the Last of Us yesterday during my work lunch break. I really need to go back and play it again. It was such an emotional game that tore me up for months after playing it. It's still on my 'best video game ever' rank.
  10. i'm loving the new mad max game. I play a few games steam says i have 277 lol. depends on my mood but i do watch a few streamers on twitch that play DayZ, warthunder, arma3.
  11. Funny this came up now... I just recently have started trying to get back and finish my pile of 360 stuff I haven't played... My boy just recently took up an interest in playing my old 360 (I didn't tell him there is a XBox One outside lol) by playing Lego Jurassic World... While he was playing I was putting together a list of games that I feel I HAVE to play/finish as well as the top ones I am looking forward to this year.

    Biggest problem for me has been the kids. School started over here and instead of having more free time, I feel like I have less. Mostly because before I could sleep till 8:00 maybe even 8:30 but not we are up and getting them out the door by 6:30-6:45... So my staying up late to play has taken a huge hit... But I am hoping to get a good rhythm together and get back at it soon...

    Anyway, to finish.. my must haves are...

    Walking Dead Season 2 - So amazing and I am a total Walking Dead nerd
    Game of Thrones Season 1 - Same as above, love the show and thought the game was pretty well done
    The Last of Us - Embarrassed to say I have had it since release and never opened it
    Dishonored - Just cuz it is here
    A pile of Assassins Creeds - Maybe... lol

    What I am looking forward to...

    ROCKBAND!!!!! - I know, I know.. but y'all that have known me a while know what a nerd I am about this... SO EXCITED!!!
    COD Whatever it is called - Just cuz my friends like it and I get drunk and chat while pretending to be good at it lol
    Starwars Battlefront - Previews look great
    Crackdown - One of my favs ever so I am hoping for good things this time around

    So that is more then enough to keep me going the next 10 years... Really I am hoping my boy gets into it and will play some of them with me. Honestly the kid is better at Minecraft then I will ever be, so there is hope. lol

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  12. I'm hoping crackdown comes to pc such a fun game.
  13. Crackdown has a 100% destructible environment. IGN had a video on it a few weeks back:
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  14. @Adam you have to play The Last of us. It is hands down the best gaming experience. Make that the first one you start playing
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  15. Yup, The Last of Us is outstanding. I bought a ps3 specifically for it.
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