Which trigger for Fuji & canon flash?

Discussion in 'Technical threads' started by Chris, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. @Ade Seeing you are our resident Fuji flasher, do you happen to know what cheap Yongnuo trigger will fire the 600ex RT?

    I've tried the canon trigger with no love. I doubt that I'll be using it a whole lot due to the limitations of the lens not being ideal for portraits but if its cheap it could be fun for arsing around
  2. i thought most canon ones worked on fuji. the YN 602 should work. they are pretty cheap £16 ish
  3. I haven't used Yongnuo kit before, although I do have some in order. I also shoot Nikon rather than Canon. My advice would be to try the simplest trigger you can get as some of the TTL-capable ones are "too clever" to work with other camera brands. I use Phottix triggers which work well with my Nikon and my Fuji.
  4. I just bought some cheap ones from Amazon -

    They work, that's all I wanted! For under a tenner they are fine for me.
  5. Yep, I think so.
  6. You do realise that we can't all understand Japanese yeah @Chris lol
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  7. Everyone can see pictures lol
  8. Thanks all for teh replies - I just ordered it on amazon!
  9. My Yongnuo 560iiis and 560TX transmitter arrived yesterday. First test they seem to work. I will try them out more tomorrow and pay a report.
  10. My Yongnuo kit arrived and is now through first testing - or maybe that should be first playing :)
    I'll post more on how it works elsewhere but it does trigger fine with the Fuji X20 so @Chris you would be fine with the X100. I don't think it will fire the 600ex-rt directly but would if you used a Yongnuo receiver as well.

  11. I'd f*****g hope so if they are on a photography forum...
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  12. i tried all three sets of triggers that i have on my new fuji toy they all worked fine.
  13. Thanks guys! Look forward to having a fiddle. Looking for a small shoot thru umbrella now. Mount it and a flash on a pole and go shooting!
  14. All this talk of flash has resulted in me ordering a YN568EX II and a pair of YN622C triggers so that I can have both on and off camera at the same time and have 2 speedlites that can do TTL

    With my 430EX II, older YN speedlite and cheap triggers I could only do on or off camera not both and everything had to be manual when off. I just hope they show up ahead of the wedding I have on 1st November as I have lots of shots in my head I want to try (it'll be dark by the time they have the ceremony at 3pm and it's in a victorian park so could be interesting having off camera flash hidden behind things/them)
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  15. Good man! More light for everybody!
  16. I feel blessed that when it comes to lighting, my intelligence matches my budget, and therefore my desire to play.
  17. Yeah my mistake could be that I'm trying to find the budget and therefore setting myself up to fail by trying to understand the black magic....

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