Which do you prefer?

Discussion in 'All questions are good questions' started by Chris, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. I found the light, stood in the same place and just caught people (and almost got run over by a car in the process).
    Which one do you think is strongest?


    All opinions are good!
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  2. The top and bottom ones are my favourites, just because they don't have people looking down the lens. Great shots though.
  3. I like the top one, but the guy on the left spoils it for me, second one down is the dogs though, it's the most balanced and the central guy has a great look.
  4. Actually, looking at them again I think if you did a tiny crop on the third one down, just to snip out the stray arm on the right that could be my absolute favourite. The woman in the background with the mask on really makes that one. I've just done that with a bit of paper and it really works.

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