What do you do when you ain't behind a camera?

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  1. So when I'm not behind a camera, I'm normally making sites like this or play video games.

    How about you guys?
  2. I'll probably be at the PS3, most likely with a plastic instrument in my grasp. If not I'll either be eyeing up some gadgets I know I can't afford, or I'll be sat at the computer, watching porn and vigorously masturbating writing about video games, and annoying people on twitter by constantly posting unimportant updates.
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  3. Walking my dogs, cooking, playing Frontier or some equally old game or reading!
  4. I'm either at school, in my last year. I am on a lot of forums, a self-confessed Twitterholic (@SimbaDoozle). Playing video games, mainly on the 360 or writing about games over on S4G. It soon will be Photography as well, once I get the right equipment this Christmas.
  5. Forgot about this one. I'm also there quite a lot, unfortunately.
  6. I fish quite a bit since I finished Uni. I promised I'd get back into at least one of my hobbies and with fishing I have in a big way. I try to go at least once a week sometines more. I'm trying to save as much as I can so I'm trying to drive less and only driving when I need to. I do also play games but not as much as I used to.
  7. Mainly at uni all week studying architecture, other than that gaming on the 360 and sipping some lushious kopperberg!!
  8. Uh god - Kopperberg is delightful, had some served in an ice-glass at some Italian restaurant the other week, died and went to heaven mate. The Swedes certainly know how to make their cider.
  9. Got 3 crates of it in my room, tis fookin great!

  10. Wow, jealous.
  11. What sort of fishing do you do mate? Good photo opps when out at the water.
  12. Sea fishing. Did fish for trout when I was younger. The summer may be better for nicer pictures as I go out on my fishing kayak. Only been out a few times on it though. Here's a recent fishing catch. Picture quality on my Desire is crap but here goes.

    I caught 17 and my cousin caught 23 so 40 fish in about 4hours which isn't bad.

    And the end result. Fish and Chips!
  13. They look so nice cooked, nothing beats fresh fish. Especially white fish.
  14. Nice one, never done sea fishing myself. Used to do a bit of general course fishing and then carp fishing.
  15. Play games mostly, football, work and get drunk. But mainly play games.
  16. when not stuck behind the eyepiece of a camera, i work at a youth hostel, playing ps3 and watching films.

    oh and i will upset/annoy/entertain people on twitter (@noremorse1985)
  17. I used to be an airline pilot till just last year. The industry is slowly going downhill so I decided to take a break. Since that time we had our first child and I have been spending the majority of my time raising him. I also play a good number of video games, I do love my 360 and even my PS3. I also do a lot of photography, some paid but mostly just for fun.

  18. Currently unemployed and spend probably a bit too much time gaming on the 360 and PS3 than is healthy! Recently got quite into reading graphic novels and have been burning through The Walking Dead series and loving it.
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  19. The Walking Dead series is the only series I love.
  20. Work is keeping me so busy nowadays. my 360 don't see the love it should get.

    Otherwise, photography and I am also into RC Heli's

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