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  1. I think this may be my second welcome post, but as I haven't visited the forums in ages, I thought I'd make another.

    I'm Daz, I come from a place that was voted "Destination of a Lifetime" on Wish You Were Here in 1987 (Ipswich for those that can't remember that episode)

    I have been taking pics for a few years, but nothing serious. Yesterday I picked up my first DSLR, I got a Canon D1200, with a few of those lens gimmicks! I went for an entry level model as I thought a DSLR was going to make my head spin, but after having one for a day I wish I'd have picked up something a little more fancy.

    Anyway, any links to s*** that might help my skillz would be a great help. I've heard just using Instagram filters won't cut it round these parts!

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  2. Hello lover boy, nice to have your fat old potato face around these here parts. I saw that you'd bought yourself a flash new camera, looking forward to seeing what you do with it - you put some good stuff up on instagram...well, amongst all the pictures of your weird doll collection.

    If you get the burning urge to spunk...more cash, as I know you will because you and careful spending just don't go together, then get some good lenses rather than a new camera - if you haven't already then get yourself a 50mm f1.8, it's great and only about £80, although I'm sure you could haggle them up to a hundred quid, or maybe trade in all that you've already bought AND give them the £80, make it a real bargain.

    Glad you loved the Christmas podcast, and enjoyed basking in my inciteful wisdom. We still aspire to the Scroogecast's level of podcasting art, but we just don't hate photography, podcasting and each other quite enough yet to really capture the nuanced viewpoints, convivial banter and considered wit that you guys do.

    Welcome to the forums chucklenuts, just don't eat all the biscuits.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome my hairy friend.

    I went to the seaside today to try out my new camera. Whilst taking the pics and having a quick glance at them, they all looked ok, but when I got home and looked at them on my computer, they looked like dogshit. I was trying to take pics of seagulls as they were flying, but most pictures came out slightly out of focus.

    In all fairness I did stick it on auto mode and just used manual focus, so I am not surprised they were gash.
  4. You did make it hard for yourself. First thing to do is get it off auto mode and onto av mode, that way you can start taking some control but not making it a pain in the butt.

    As far as focusing, leave that on auto. For the most part modern lenses aren't great for manual focusing but they are great on auto.

    You're using a proper tool now (instead of being one) it will take a bit of learning to get used to. Best thing is to read up on how aperture and shutter speed changes affect how your picture comes out, and just spend time playing. It's all dead simple.
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  5. Welcome...back!

    As duck said, keep the auto focusing on but change the settings to Av (aperture priority), Tv (shutter priority) or M (manual). Those three affect how pics can come out - the auto features basically turn it into a point and shoot. Learn how to change the focus points - that's a good place to start. Then start messing around in Av mode to play with the depth of field.
  6. Thanks for the advice.

    I was practicing with the shutter speed today as I was trying to get pics of birds as they were flying. They came out nice and clear, but too dark. I'll go back each day until I nail it!
  7. It's the holy trinity of photography; aperture size, shutter speed and ISO. Adjusting any one of those things affects how much light is collected by the sensor. If your piccies were too dark you can either slow down the shutter speed (but then the chances are that the birds will be blurry), open up the aperture (if your lens will go any bigger, only downside with this is that you'll get a narrower band in focus so you'll need to be accurate), or push your ISO higher ( which is probably your best bet. The downside is that once you get above about ISO 800 noise starts to creep in. Still, better a noisy sharp well exposed picture than a clean dark one.)

    I saw your pictures on Instagram, a cracking start. I love the one with them fighting over the bread in particular. What lens are you using?
  8. Duck, it's for too early for me to be talking about lenses, lol

    It's the long one that came with the camera, that's about all I can tell you

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