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Discussion in 'Website updates' started by Chris, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. This will be the thread for site updates and upgrades.

    I have been updating the sidebar today - if you have issues, please let me know!
  2. One other thing, I have just added a system that is similar to facebook and twitter.

    If you use the @ symbol in front of someones name, it will tag the name and send a notification to that users.
    For example, if I type @moroseduck and @Batty79 both of those users how now been notified that we are talking about them here by the alerts feature on the site

    please be careful not to add a comma after the username as that can throw it a bit.
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    • selling/buying forum deleted as it wasn't used - if you want it back let me know.
    • Picture poster area moved down as they are not used as much as the gear area
  3. Countdown timer added to the left of the forum home page to tell you how much time you have left until the assignment ends ;)
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  4. Nice addition
  5. Due to popular demand, a film/non-digital section has been added to the forum, I hope folks can make some good use of it
  6. I would have said "Lets hope it gets good exposure".. <rim shot> Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week.. and remember the 9:00 show is completely different then the 7:00 show! lol

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  7. Loosest use of the term "popular demand" I've ever seen, but thank you very much mate. I've been out snapping some test shots with my new toys and can't wait to humiliate myself by sharing the results with my PP family.
  8. always willing to help with humiliating you ;)
  9. Quick update on the tagging feature here - as usual use the '@' symbol and then type the person's name then it will work like facebook to give you a list of the potential user name. It has now been updated to also be able to use a comma too and the @ symbol will dissapear.

    This Chris, is an example!
  10. Chris, oh good feature for me cause I can never remember how evilmunky spells his user
  11. good innit!
  12. It was actually moroseduck I was thinking of but yours without the E is also annoying :rolleyes:
  13. New Feature - Auto Embed
    Just enter the URL of the song you want show and it will auto embed the player for you.

    For example:


    Where do you think I first found this song?

    Please note Soundcloud playlists do not work - only individual songs

    If you want more embed options or music or video, please list them below
  14. Cool!
  15. Probably most of your wouldn't know this but spammers have recently upgraded their annoying software and they are now selling the code online meaning any rich brat can make an admin's life hell. The new software byasses CAPTCHA and can now automate bots to keep hitting websites until they find the answers to certain questions made by the admins staff on the website. So my question 'what do you put your camera on that has three legs?' will not work any more.

    You may have noticed a rise of spam here and maybe a few other places due to this software and so we have invested some cash in some extra measures to combat the amount of spammers signing on here. hopefully this will quash any spammers from getting in.

    With spam on the rise (especially twitter), make sure that all of your passwords are updated on a regular basis and make sure you use a mix of lower/uppercase letters with numbers and the odd random glyph (!"#$&')
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  16. Ah this would explain why other forums are also suffering more spam recently.

    Good advice about passwords, although I do use some form or L33T I am lazy and don't change them regularly enough.
  17. Ahhhhh you will never stop me!!!

    Sign up now to buy my cheap stuff or even better just send me your credit card details
  18. There are now a lot more Smilies available including zombies :Zombie_thumbsup: :Zombie_meh: and also Angry birds :angrybird3::angrybird5:

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