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  1. Seeing that there is recently the issue in the UK with photogs and artists needing to make it obvious where the photograph is coming from, I propose a thread of potential watermarks that we could use.

    Yes, this is a piss take, please feel free to join in!

  2. I like it!
    Blackpool at night during power cut?
  3. Na Stonehaven ;)
  4. It's actually a really unique photo of the far side of the moon, but to be on the safe side the idea is that the watermark is not only the text but a big black shape sized exactly to that of the photo. For example, here is another photo using the same watermark:

    Watermark by KidLorneRoll, on Flickr

    If you want to see the actual pictures, I'll happily release it for the appropriate fee.
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