Landscape Views from the Cornish Coast

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    Right. Been meaning to post these for ages... :unsure:

    Went to Cornwall again a few weeks back. Took my Fuji X-Pro 1, an 18mm lens and a 500 ND filter.

    Here's the best of a bad bunch. Thoughts and feedback welcome. :)




  2. Not seeing them on my phone. Are the links working?
  3. Sorry @Ade, for some reason the urls broke (probably something on my website). Can you see them now?
  4. Yep, working now. Great shot of the fishermen on the harbour wall. Picture postcard stuff!
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  5. Bloody brilliant 2nd shot,
    The forum is coming along nicely in landscape stuff lately.
    (apart from me!)
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  6. 2nd and last are my favorites!
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