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    Hi all,
    I was due to update the forums and thought it was time for an updated style as well.

    As you can see the design is very much updated - all the options we had previously are still here, it's mostly a cosmetic update. The fonts are easier to read and it's a bit more modern and I hope it will encourage others to join.

    I have removed the adverts from the site to speed it up and to get rid of the clutter. They weren't making much anyway.

    The image on the top will be something I plan to update with a user picture in the future (maybe a best pic of the year competition or something.

    Also, if you tend to use your phone on the website, please check out the native version. I actually think it is now better than tapatalk - see the screenshot below.

    Hope you all like it.

    cc, @moroseduck @Ade @Adam
  2. I think it looks great dude. Any change in format takes a little getting used to, but I think you've done a bang up job as per.One thing, the front page, or featured page, or whatever, seems to be absent now, this a choice or a hiccup?
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  3. I pulled it out of choice. You prefer it in?

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  4. I think it was one of those things that looked good but was utterly redundant, whilst the website is purely the forums the way you've got it set up now makes more sense.
  5. You might want to re-direct some of the buttons at the bottom of the page, at the moment every link just goes to the front page.
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  6. @moroseduck yeah it was useful if we have lots of content to push through but we don't have too much. If you look at the page while logged out, it now has a more 'JOIN NOW' Feeling to it.

    Also thanks for the donation. Is it the first time you've seen those? I put them in when I last changed the style. You are officially a legend around here now :D
  7. ohhh its all very fancy. the new font is better and the colours work really well.

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