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  1. Marvellous new iPhone 6s in hand, I have properly started my project to capture light on and around my commute. I have settled on tumblr as my platform for flexibility of posting.

    I'm pretty sure it will be almost all phone photos. I am looking forward to the discipline of posting multiple photos a day and maybe even some short videos. For workflow I am using Snapseed and Hipstamatic 300 so far. H300 is much softer on processing. Both apps allow non-destructive editing which can be changed later - which was confusing at first but is actually really useful. I am syncing to iCloud for backup and LR mobile for rating and capturing directly into LR on my computer at home. All of that might change but I am rolling creatively so not worrying about consistency just yet.
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  2. Says i need to log in to see it
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  4. Nice shots, you'll have to remind me to check in as I'm not a tumblr user as such. How are you finding the 6s? I'm just in the process of sorting a new phone, but I'm an Android man(droid), luckily there are some kickass cameras on some of those bad boys now.
  5. Nice - this is a great start. the guy waiting for a train looks evil
  6. As requested, an update on the personal project.

    Two weeks in and it is good fun. On days with interesting light it is quite easy. A favourite is sun after rain where there are lots of wet surfaces to reflect light. Dreary overcast though is much harder.

    As for how it flows as a blog, my current efforts spawned this post...

    So more work to do. The photos are interesting to take though (and some are good to look at). And I also have had fun with slow-mo video...

    Check it out. I even have 2 followers now :)
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  7. A quick update on the blog, which I have mentioned elsewhere on the forum. I now have 4 followers which is promising:)

    I have wafted around on style and not settled anywhere yet. I have though published over 100 photos which is a significant number for me.

    I have learned many different routes to my office and that helps to keep the photos (and me) fresh.

    So far this experiment is doing exactly what I hoped - imposing discipline to shoot and share. I have had no epiphanies yet but I am not stressing out about that.

    All good then and I shall carry on...
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