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    Want to be on the podcast? I'm putting up a list of people who have mentioned it or have had a laugh doing it in the past. So if anyone wants to join me, pick a spot! @moroseduck @Ade @IainK @andygrundy @Obi Col Kenobi @Davis @Batty79 @evilmunky @RoboticMonkey

    July: @Adam (forcing you back on! ;) ) CONFIRMED ;)
    September (first two weeks of Sept): @Ade CONFIRMED
    December: @moroseduck

    January @IainK
    February @evilmunky
    March [Mystery guest!]
  2. lol Well played sir! I will hold this mic in my hand if that is what is needed to be there! lol.... I'm in!

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  3. String hanging from the ceiling?
  4. Na I think the mic would work better than string.....
  5. Can I do August? And assuming I don't **** it up some others as well?
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  6. Sign me up for september then.
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  7. I will be rubbish but would like to whitter on about developing film, Ricohs and Blads.
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  8. @Ade @IainK thanks both, I've updated the schedule!

    @Davis you're always welcome to do that. This is mostly what the podcast is anyway lol
  9. Cool!
  10. @Adam had some family issues and so will be on the show later on.

    I just saw @moroseduck complaining about the lack of podcasts and yet he has not signed his name up for a show. When is good for you sir?

    @Ade You're up soon! Will be in contact about and time and a place.
  11. Let me know. I just ordered this in anticipation...

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  12. i'm game sod it. sign me up when ever. i'll find something to talk/rant/abuse :D
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  13. I'd be up for this if I had the chance. Sadly, since having kids, the only peace and quiet I get these days is when I go to the toilet. And even thats not guaranteed!

    Hopefully things will calm down a bit next year when my boy starts school.
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  14. My microphone arrived! Now all I need is curtains, duvets, pillows and cushions.

    And whisky to make me witty and intelligent ;)
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  15. Sent you a msg on Facebook as I was stuck in work
  16. Ah, sorry, don't do the Facebook. Don't even have my login to hand. Can you send here or email me?
  17. image.jpg

    Will do. Though I just got to the pub. My message could get garbled lol
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  18. In the interests of everyone else's sanity and listening pleasure, and the podcasts ongoing success, I'll volunteer my services as a standby last minute emergency stand in, I think that's about the only way you could ever justify letting me back near a microphone :)
  19. I enjoy you talking utter s*** for four hours, even if we only put 2 hours of that into a podcast lol
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