The Pixelated Photographer Podcast Ep24 - Have a very sweary Christmas

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    Have a very sweary Christmas
    [Warning: Contains nuts, and swearing]

    @moroseduck (Graeme) rejoins Chris for our Christmas show that, well, isn’t very well organised… but we have a lot of fun, as usual.

    Chris left in the pre-chat as it was funny.

    Please visit here to visit the show on Itunes (Hopefully the show is showing up better this time)

    For people looking for a direct feed

    For the RSS Feed of the show:


    Links from the show
    Alexia Sinclair

    USB drives

    Drones catching drones

    Fog in a can

    Angry newlyweds

    For the iTunes link:
  2. Boys, glorious as always. Glad you decided not to lambast me too much :)

    Of course everything Graeme said was true - except for one thing - I was not wearing aviator shades (at least not since 1987).

    Only half way through so far but another classic podcast!
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  3. Finished the podcast now. Off to organise my meet ups...
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  4. Listening to the podcast at the moment. :)

    And I've decided that from this moment forward, I'm only going to communicate with @moroseduck through the use of #hashtags

    #hi #Graeme #fullstop

    #Hope #you #had #a #great #christmas #smileyface #lol

    #Enjoyed #the #Pixelated #Podcast #by #the #way
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  5. I was tempted to do the entire show notes in #hashtags haha
  6. #gofuckyourselves #deathtothehashtag
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