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    Despite being completely off target in recent months in putting out podcasts - myself and @moroseduck will be making a Christmas Special.

    We were thinking about asking people to send in some audio for the show, this can be just to say merry christmas to folks, shoutouts or funny photography stories that happened to you throughout the year.

    If you want to send us an audio file you can either email it to Feel free to dropbox me the file etc and we'll enter it into the show.
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  2. Looking forward to this!
  3. Send us some audio - even if it's from your phone!
  4. i might send in something when i get a minute
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  5. A Christmas show has been recorded and we are now wanting your audio! Submit now to get on the podcast!
  6. Yeah, and we totally talked about how there was going to be audio from friends in the show, so don't make us look like a pair of bullshitting arseholes. Admittedly, unless Chris edits me out completely I'm going to make myself look like an ********, but that's not the point.
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  7. Bah humbug. I hate listening to my recorded voice. Can I give you guys a list of bullet points re a fun photo story and you turn it into jackanory?
  8. I do great impersonations so if you want to write something and I'll pretend to be you, that definitely wouldn't be worse for everyone.
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  9. I'll try and get something to you, means setting up my mic which is in cold storage at the moment though. When do you need it for?
  10. I'll be doing the editing this weekend, so sooner the better really.
  11. sent chris, just to your email. Let me know if you don't get it.
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