Lenses Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6 LD DI Macro

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  1. Firstly apologies for the pedantic title. There are 2 versions of this lens so thought it was important!

    I got a used copy of this on Friday so thought I'd share my thoughts on it (and the fact that @Batty79 specifically asked!). I did have a dirt cheap, old Tamron 80-210mm which expired recently so wanted something that was a step up from that without breaking the bank and this seems to fit the bill.

    The zoom ring is pretty stiff which is no bad thing in my book. I've seen Tamrons and Sigmas with horrible zoom creep in the past so no danger of that with this lens. The macro is, to be frank, a pain in the arse. To activate it you need to be in a focal length above 180mm and then flick a switch which then enables the focus ring to go round a bit more to get nice and close in. That seems sensible but, to de-activate it, you need to get the focus ring back to it's normal position before you can flick the switch. The most reliable way I've found so far to do this is to switch to manual focus, move the focus ring round to infinity, then flick the macro switch back to normal. I then have to remember to re-engage AF. A bit of a faff really!

    AF is a bit slow but perfectly usable and pretty accurate when it does lock on. wide open it suffers quite badly from CA and is pretty soft but stop it down to f8-f16 and it's really impressed me so far. For a subject reasonably close (20-30 feet) it's superb and even seems pretty sharp for landscapes at 70mm. At 400g it strikes a nice balance between the K-x and the lens and feels good to use while the 1:2 macro is a good feature to have, despite it's fiddly nature.

    Colours and contrast seem excellent and require little alterations afterwards so all in all compared to my previous telephoto zoom, and for the price paid (£85 used) I love this lens and can't wait to use it some more! A few examples below....

    300mm @ f7
    Robin by andy_grundy, on Flickr

    70mm @ f9
    Burrs Country Park by andy_grundy, on Flickr
    Burrs Country Park by andy_grundy, on Flickr

    300mm @ f9 (macro)
    Macro Flower Bud by andy_grundy, on Flickr

    100% ish crop from 300mm @ f8
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  2. Thanks for letting us know what you make of it so far. One question is your Pentax a crop or full sensor? I only ask as wondering if it's a true 70-300 your getting with it or not. I'm guessing from the first shot of the Robin that it's a crop sensor.

    Seems like a brilliant purchase for 85 quid (haven't found how to get the pound symbol using a windows keyboard on Mac yet lol) and good to have macro feature for occasional use (something I wish I could do with any of my lenses but can't yet).
  3. Yes it's a 1.5x crop so 450mm ish I guess at the long end and you're right, for £85 (I think we've just found the only advantage of having a PC over a Mac!) I can't complain in the slightest. Chuffed to bits :)
  4. ive got a £ on my macbook. Although the number of ££££££ they took off me I would want at least one back
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  5. I will find it eventually *goes to google it*
  6. ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

    Haha got it, on a windows keyboard with Mac it's Alt+3 for £. That on top of the @ (Shift+2) and " (Shift+') is gonna drive the wife nuts, maybe then she'll agree to getting an Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse...... *goes to speak to wife*

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