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  1. So, for the first time in 6 years (and so for the first time since I started this whole photography thing) I'm planning a trip abroad. I'm sure this question has been asked before on the forum but seeing as the rules are constantly changing I thought I'd ask if anyone had any recent experience of packing up your camera and all it's associated bits and pieces for air travel.

    Anyone got any tips or ideas as to what to put in hand luggage, what not to, or what they will allow you to take through customs in hand luggage etc? I would really rather not leave it to the mercy of the baggage handlers if I can avoid it!
  2. I take everything in hand luggage apart from tripods or stands tbh. DEpending on the airline I either use my retrospective 30 because I'm short and it fits under the seat in front where I don't need the space for my feet. The more generous airlines will let me take my airport international.

    Watch out for hand luggage weight limits, again only some airlines and even then they quite often only both weighing hand luggage if it looks heavy so man up and carry it like it's only got a point and shoot in it

    Hope that's helpful
  3. Cheers very helpful yes. Just wasn't sure if there were any crazy restrictions these days so if it's all good in hand luggage then happy days
  4. Where you going? Wales? Cornwall?
  5. Haha actually I did go to Scotland recently. That counts as abroad these days doesn't it? ;-)

    Off to Majorca with the family so first time on an plane for the kids. That is, perhaps, more terrifying than the prospect of having them in the first place!!
  6. Ask for your film to be hand checked rather than being X-rayed, especially if you're using high speed film. You're taking a film camera, right? No? Ok, just make sure your mirrorless camera is fully charged up and enjoy the benefits of it's lightweight body and lenses.

    WHADDYA MEAN you're taking a goddam DSLR??? Seriously, I can't help you, you should probably just cancel the whole trip.
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  7. Where in Majorca? (I've been 3/4 times in the last few years)
  8. I asked this same question a few years ago. I ended up making no adjustments to what I carry on my bag and waltzed trough security without an issue :)
  9. If you're going on a family holiday, pack your camera bag, then take half of it out. If you take it all you will be tempted to go out before dawn to shoot sunrises. Then you'll realise that is a crappy idea on a holiday and want to shoot sunsets instead. That will then interfere with "family time" and you will be in trouble. Your kids will bug you, you will get no rest and generally it will be stressful. :) (but I'm actually serious :()

    I used to take loads on family holidays. Now I try to take as little as possible. My kids are still very young as well so my camera bag is a rucksack where only the bottom half is a camera bag, the rest carries kids stuff.

    And if you're going to a beach, take old gear. When it's nice you will be shooting at ISO 100 so all you need is an older body and a kit zoom. Zoom because then you won't need to change lenses in sandy places.

    Having written all that I now realise it doesn't answer your question at all. Oops :rolleyes:. Maybe this says more about me than about you :D
  10. I have lots of experience with the airports, big and small. As the other guys said, put it all in hand luggage as much as possible.

    Here is a hint for you. If you are hitting your main luggage limit put a bunch of heavy s*** into you carry on. Then when you walk to the check in counter, only carry it with one shoulder. Two shoulders will result in them asking you to weigh it, one shoulder they never ask. I've carried close to 15kg in hand luggage haha

    City hopper planes (like the one you will be going on) have small ass luggage bins but they technically don't allow stuff to go under certain seats, but jam it back and they won't see it, they will instead be fussing over the child seatbelts instead.

    @moroseduck I hear the conversation of having film check by hand so many times but nearly all airports have now gotten rid of the old xray machines. Now they use terahertz imaging to penetrate the bags as it's more accurate and you can see men's junk. It also doesn't affect film. Obviously if you are going to some remote airport in like Zambia, I'd probably ask them to not put them through.

    TBH camera gear is the least of your worry, it's now more about liquids, deodorant cans sharp objects. I agree with @Ade though. Pack light, you won't use half of it.
  11. I've just taken early retirement (YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!) from a job that had me flying all over the place for many years. I've lugged dirty great DSLRs and lenses over deserts, up Alps and across seas, most recently getting home from Egypt two weeks ago.

    Lots of good advice here, but you also need to check each airlines websites for up to date restrictions, and be prepared to switch things around at the airport. Some may have restictions on types of batteries for instance.

    The only kit I take now is a Fuji x100s with spare batteries and cards. Don't load yourself up too much - it's a family holiday and you won't be thanked for toting loads of gear.
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  12. Congratulations on exiting the rat race Rob. Plenty of time for photography now.
    I'm on a business trip and have taken my new scanner, I did hold back from taking my Paterson tank which I now massively regret. Andy - I suggest you take all of the things!
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  13. Wow some great advice here guys thanks very much!

    We're off to puerto pollenca on the north west coast @Liam so lots of interesting stuff photographically! I did offer to ease the pain on the family as a whole and buy a new super zoom lens so I didn't have to take all the other lenses and weigh everyone down but this request was denied so a big bag of gear might still be going with me!

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