Street photography - 2/10 would not look at again

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  1. I think I hate street photography.

    It's got potential to be intrusive, unwanted and is overwhelmingly naff.

    Anyone with me?
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  2. Definitely has the potential to be intrusive - which is why people talk so much about quiet, small cameras. I take a lot of photos in the city because I work downtown but honestly I'm embarrassed to take pictures of strangers, at least ones in which they're identifiable, and so usually wait for people to walk away before taking a shot that includes the sidewalk. I'm certainly not going to get them to sign a photo release! ;)

    That said, some street photography is really very nice, and gives a sense of place that wouldn't happen without including the people in that place. And if you're brave and outgoing enough to ask people to pose, the opportunities for street portraiture are endless, for example:

    So although I will likely never be a street photographer, I don't hate it either...
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  3. A thoughtful and considered post.
    Thanks @billowens!
  4. I think that there are ways and means to treat street photography as many different styles. I think that some of the artisty types who do street photography are somewhat using it as an excuse to get away with taking rather boring images and passing them off as being unique. Well, if it's in black and white and its a picture of a street then it must be good, kinda thing. I don't like that.

    I think that true great street photographers have a story to tell, they show a connection with the environment and the people that make you want to know more about what is happening in the picture. Look at this picture by Bresson, it's not instrusive, it's thought provoking

    But I think that street photography could be classed as so many other things to one person, is what I do with all my neon-esque pictures classed as street photography or landscape, travel? I think there is a lot of crossover and we can all find something we like within that category.

    I've done a lot of street the last year, it's not something that I ever intended to do but it's something I can do when walking around or doing a photo tour. I think for me, part of what I love about it is actually not to be seen.

    CFB_8391.jpg CFB_8592.jpg CFB_8946.jpg CFB_9048.jpg
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  5. @Chris you'll have to check out this weeks podcast and let us know what you think of the discussion we had about this. Love the shots dude, I wish you had the time to share your images more frequently.
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  6. Actually this week I'm going through a lot of my pictures and website stuff when I can. I've taken sooooooooo many pictures they year and have done jack s*** with them
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  7. That sounds like something that could be talked about... You know, in a recorded sort of a way...#optimist

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  8. Nice shots sir
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