Sshhh - show the library some respect

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  1. I'm embarrassed to say I've shown no respect to my Lightroom library at all:

    I've used LR for ages; maybe 7 years or so. In that time I've gone through about 5 different computers and a couple of hard drives. I have libraries everywhere, it's all a big mess.

    Does anyone have advice on how i can consolidate all the different libraries, preferably keeping the changes i have made to the photographs?
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  2. This is just a guess but maybe there are two steps...

    1. Open all your old libraries in the current Lr one at a time and let it update the libraries to current versions

    2. Use the library merge function. I can't remember what this is called but it is there somewhere.
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  3. Lightroom CC
    Set up a new catalog from scratch to minimise issues.
    File>import from another catalog

    It should read the xml/catalog data for the changes and import all the photos as edited.
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