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  1. Hi all,
    Spammers have recently increased here on the forums. I have changed the Spam settings, this could increase or decrease the amount of spam if they are used to this type of system.

    Please keep an eye out on the forums, if you see any spam, please use the report function at the bottom of the post if you find spam and this can notify us of the spam.

  2. Yeah, I've deleted more than usual recently.
  3. I've had to change the spam settings again, a couple of weeks ago the signup process got broken and I had to relax the settings until I could fix it. Today I added in KeyCaptcha instead. hopefully these will stop getting through, but its obvious that these spammers are not bots, but normal people signing in and posting spam.
  4. **** me, what sort of a life do you have where that's how you spend your time. We seem to be catching them fairly quick between us at least, hopefully now spoiling the forums for too many people.
  5. When they get paid, it's not bad lol

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