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  1. Right,

    So I'm deciding to try and learn some stuff instead of just taking pics and putting them into Picasa. I'll be honest and say, I never do any kind of post editing but want to. So my question is this:

    I don't really have much experience so any software would be a new experience.
    • I currently use Picasa for storage and management.
    • I have Elements that I got with the computer
    • Lightroom is only £90 on Amazon at the moment.
    Is the editing features of Picasa substantial to learn the basics of what I should be doing to a picture to improve it or do I go full hog and use Adobe with the extra options. If the latter, do I use Elements or fork out for Lightroom?
    Opinions, please.
  2. Lightroom, it's the dogs doodads. Also, it's complimentary to elements, although lightroom will do 99% of what you need.
  3. Lightroom is awesome and a lot of us on here use it. If you want to give it a go download the free trial from Adobe. It may take you a while to get into but just give it time and you'll see how powerful it is and what it can do.

    There are also ways to *cough* acquire it cheaper, but no one on here would know anything about that sort of thing.
  4. Yep, I agree with the other guys. Lightroom is the best all around solution in my opinion. It is fairly easy to learn and even better there is a ton of great free information on it around. Good luck!
  5. Just got lightroom myself so far well impressed
  6. So I just coughed out a small fortune for lightroom and now you tell me there are cheaper ways to get it. And I am on virgin broadband can't get on thoses sort of sites any more any way not that I would of course perish the thought;)
  7. When it was hundreds of pounds there was perhaps more of an argument for alternate sourcing, but I think that the current price is reasonable, certainly for the amount of use it will get. Not that I have upgraded as yet, but it's defo on my "to do" list.
  8. Well I must admit to not getting the latest and greatest version but I only paid 40 notes on eBay for it and its doing the Job
  9. And that was my 100Th post
  10. Right, so the trial is downloaded.

    Does anyone use Lightroom and Picasa together? Using Picasa as storage and management and Lightroom for editing?

    I really do think I have Picasa detachment issues.
  11. Right. This seems not too bad. I have even set the camera to RAW for the first time in my life.

    I am aware that neither of these are masterful but was just having a play about.


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  12. Yeah Lightroom is ace! and for around £100 is a bargain IMHO. And if you're using it as your primary viewing and editing tool then switching to RAW is the best thing can ever do.
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  13. Oh yes you can, within hours of each ISP blocking the IP addresses they were required to block there were other IP's created and circulated to allow people to get redirected back to the IP addresses blocked. TBH I never used the IP addresses now blocked my many ISP's anyways.

    Like others have said the price of Lightroom now is very reasonable and if I didn't already have a copy it would have paid for it, any future updates (Lightroom 5 or the likes) I will be paying as you really get your moneys worth from it.
  14. Hi mate hope you are good. I was really lucky regarding my copy of lightroom. Like I said before got it of eBay really cheap just managed to fall on it at the right time. It is only lightroom 3 64bit but it is more than enough for me at the momnt. Hope you are enjoying the Mac book you lucky git
    cheers Brian
  15. chasethehaggis Nice shots mate, using RAW files with LIghtroom is pretty goddam magic isn't it?
  16. Honestly, when you actually sit down and think "Let's do this" , it's great. I always thought it looked too daunting but it is actually not bad. I will definitely be purchasing during the trial period.
  17. Total newby question:

    What is a DNG file and why would I want to convert to it?
  18. DNG is Adobe's file format designed to be a "Standard" for RAW (think pdf for photos). As all cameras are different, all RAW files are different which is a headache for s/w developers who need to write custom algorithms to interpret the data from each and every camera.

    Adobe's thinking is that, if they offer a standard for RAW files, it will be easier to support all those different cameras out there and, as a happy accident, they can take over the world ;-)

    There is a second argument Adobe make - that DNG files will be future-proof. If we all shoot RAW now, will s/w companies still support those file formats in 20 years? Who knows? But Adobe have marketed DNG as a format they will support into the future.

    As far as I know, only Leica use DNG as their standard RAW format at the moment. I think some other manufacturers have the ability to save as DNG in camera but in general, it hasn't had much uptake as a format.
  19. I don't get to do this often, but I actually wrote a short article on this for the blog... check it out here->

    It was a while ago so if you do still have questions let us know and I can do my best to help!


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