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  1. ... anything worth shooting here? In a photographic sense of course.
  2. You mean actually going to Texas and shooting there? If so I'll move this outside of this section into the main area as more people can reply. This area is limited - There are a few people here with Texas experience.
  3. In Vegas at the moment, you'd like it here, it's a bit like a tasteless Porthcawl. Back to Fort Worth later this week for a family thing, so could be limited shutter time.
  4. @Adam this is your neck of the woods. Any ideas for him?
    Also maybe @Andy also has an idea
  5. That is a tough question... Texas is just under three times the size of the UK so there is plenty here to see and photograph. Just depends on how much time you have and what you are after. I haven't spent a whole lot of time in Dallas/Ft Worth area but I know the Stockyards is a popular place. Might get some interesting street photography there. Otherwise my personal preference is to get away from the city. You don't have to go to far before it turns to more ranches, cattle, and landscape opportunity type stuff...

    If your looking for a good iconic photo to show you where in Texas I would either go for a nice skyline shot of the city or a longhorn steer... sounds corny but they are damn impressive up close. There is also no shortage of "all things cowboy" in Texas which is fun and interesting to see if your not used to boots and hats and all that.

    Sounds like a fun trip... Vegas is a blast, I have been a number of times and the wife and I will be going again in December. I would say it is a similar experience Vegas and Texas.. Both very unique and have their own vibe and style. Two great qualities to try and capture in a still photo..

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    Thanks guys. Sod's Law of course dictates that all goes belly up and I got stuck in Vegas longer than expected. if you have to get stuck anywhere I can think of worse places; tearing up the Grand Canyon in a chopper piloted by a mad ex marine is something I'll never forget - god only knows if any of those shots will come out.
    Managed to get a couple of hours in the stockyards the other day during a dust storm followed by torrential rain, fascinating history. Went to see a baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Blue Jays, not a great game though. The highlight was watching a Hobby (a very small raptor) hunting moths on the wing no more than ten feet away from me ... and the only bloody camera I had was an iPhone.
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