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  1. My oldest had his school pictures this week so we dressed him up like Texas and sent him off... I had to get a couple myself first of course and thought I would share them with y'all... Pretty happy with how they turned out considering the uncooperative attitude of my subject lol


    by FlyACL, on Flickr

    by FlyACL, on Flickr
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  2. His feet cant possibly fill those shoes/boots and is that a crease down the front of his jeans???

    So many other cowboy jokes (even more than on twitter) but will hold back - couple of really nice shots though.
  3. lmao... That is a thing down here.. getting your jeans starched when your dressing up for something. No starch for just wearing them around, starch for that special occasion... Weird... lol
  4. Yee haw!
  5. Wow, that iPhone 6 can really churn out some fine images ;-)
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