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  1. Hey all,

    Is anybody using LR + PS + Nik plugins? I am trying to create an entirely non-destructive workflow for using Nik plugins and reading about it on the interwebs is confusing.

    I think I need to open the raw file from LR in PS as a Smart Object. I can then apply the Nik plugin as a Smart Filter which means it can be edited in the future. When I save and quit PS I get back to LR and there is a nice processed TIFF file there. How do I edit it again though from there without creating another copy of it and baking in the changes?

    And to avoid solutioning, are there any other ways to create a non-destructive workflow with plugins?
  2. And when should I do LR adjustments? Is this before I go out to Nik or after I come back? My inkling is to make sure the RAW file is fairly flat but with just a little sharpening to tighten it up before it goes off on its adventures.
  3. sorry mate - only just saw this thread and you may already know the answer but incase you dont.
    If you apply Nik affects in photoshop, it combines all layers of your PSD file and makes a snapshot of that file and places it over the layers of your working document. So you won't lose any of the original layers. Converting that layer to a smart object will allow you to treat it like a raw file and allow adobe raw to kick in. I'm more old school, I duplicate layers and then choose the direction I want to go in.
  4. Thanks. I might try doing just the Nik but as a smart object then. I am not really doing any native PS work. I make the raw file flat in LR mostly using the flattest Fuji profile ACR/LR has built in. Then straight through PS to Nik plugins - often at least Viveza then Color Efex. It comes back to LR as a tiff that is completely non-destructive.

    Files are MASSIVE though. Hundreds of Mb each.
  5. Yeah because there are layers every time you go through an effect plugin. Viveza will create a duplicate layer and sharpen it, then colour Efex will do the same. So in total you have 3 high resolution layers open in one doc, on a 50mb native file open will push it to 150mb easily
  6. Plus tiffs have a large files size anyway, photoshop psd files are a little bit better. I chose psds in my options as I know no other program will try to open the damn file if I want to go back to it
  7. One of our freelancers has a habit of using using tiff files for no reason, kind of annoys me a bit as you could just save jpgs for what we do, so seeing I was going to convert it anyway, I thought I'd prove a point.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.12.21 PM.jpg
    This is the exact same file. the tif is almost 10mbs larger for reasons unknown.
  8. All of this is making me feel WAY better about the amount of time and energy I'm spending on faffing about with darkroom stuff. Especially coming from @Ade, who doesn't like to edit much!
  9. Tell me about it. I finally find some processing tools I like and they get made free likely before closing them down. It takes many minutes to edit an image but I do like the effects - but not the disk space required.

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