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Ditch the yellow?

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  1. I'm gonna cut a long story short. I'm having backdoor attacks on the wordpress CMS, i'm plugging hole after hole. I'm done with it.
    Seeing the place is pretty dead I will be focussing on a site redesign, a new look and a new CMS that is forum-based and integrated with here. Articles will be able to be promoted to front page, so anyone will be able to contribute to the site.

    Since installing this forum, we've hardly had any issues with hacking or spamming. I think this is the way forward and I will be updating you all soon.

    What will change?
    • YOUR DATA WILL REMAIN AS-IS on the forums. The conversations here will not be lost or deleted.
    • The site design and maybe colours
    • I think the photo user albums may disappear. I will email all users of that album to remove any sensitive images on there. It will be replaced with something else.
    • The chat box will probably disappear. As I expected, people would rather chat in there than post in the forums, making it pretty dead (we all know this place is pretty dead right now, I don't want to promote that even more)
    • Wordpress front end will be gone for good.
    • The front page will be integrated with the forums - your login and ID will work everywhere.
    • There will probably downtime. I'm thinking of trashing the server and starting fresh.

    Can I help?
    Yes you can, if you have ideas I'm always happy to hear them. I'm not a PHP guy, so I can't build stuff - i have to use third party paid plugins. So I can't always envision people's ideas, sorry!

    Will keep you all posted.
  2. I used to hate the yellow (sorry), but it's grown on me :D plus it saves changing all the social media logos ;)
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  3. If it is causing you that much trouble then I thought no a reset is completely the right thing to do.

    I quite like the yellow but don't mind change. Happy to help with testing if that is useful.
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  4. Yeah it has now hit the point where it needs to be nuked. I've found a very good system that allows the forums to act like a front page and forum articles made by anyone can be promoted as an article to the front page.

    It'll take a hit on the SEO but I don't care too much, I'd rather just fix it.
  5. Sneak peak at what's to come!

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  6. The website has been updated. Please feel free to give feedback in here
  7. it could be me but chrome won't let me log in, just sits there with the with the progress bar flashing, but works on safari fine.
  8. Looking good! I like the new green colour. I didn't have any bother logging in, in fact it didn't even ask me, just knew it was me!
  9. I do have a banner at the top of the forums though that says "welcome to our community - sign up". I can't seem to get rid of it even though I am signed in and when I click it nothing happens - possibly because I am already signed in.
  10. Ahh ok - I know what you're talking about - I had a similar issue. I know how to fix that one.
  11. Dump your cookies. I think it could be because I moved the whole forum forward into the root folder and that may have caused the cookies to expire.
  12. I've cleared all my history and i still can't login. tested on both pc and mac. it could be a random extension i have running i've whitelisted the site on ad block to be sure its not that.
  13. So how are you posting here?
  14. I think you are probably seeing a block at the top of the page saying 'log in now blahh blahh', but you were already logged in. The box was meant for people who are not registered and it's what Ade also mentioned above'. I've turned that block off and so it should stop showing.

    Tapatalk however is broken, I've only just realised. So I have to fix that.
  15. when i click login i get the loading bar in the top right that's it. i'm replying via opera (on pc) and safari (on mac) but chrome on both machines won't get to the enter login details screen.

    i've added a screenshot

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  16. I'm gathering this was sorted due to your browser plugin?

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