Nikon Should Nikon make statements like this:

Discussion in 'Gear talk' started by Chris, Sep 29, 2011.

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    While probably an innocent blunder by a member of the press dept at Nikon - should they be more careful what they say?
  2. Haha.. I seen that earlier today. I will tell you what it boils down to. Way to many social media outlets, and companies that don't take them serious. I think companies are still getting used to all this Facebook/Twitter/Google+ stuff. One minute (in company time) the "kids" are on MySpace and no one cares... the next they are on Facebook and you better be there or your missing out on the whole WORLD! So they give the task of updating their "Facebox or whatever its called" to some intern and what you see above is the result. Add in Twitter which has its own culture, and new entries like Google+ and before you know it not taking this stuff serious enough gets your 80 Shares and 993 nasty comments. lol

    So really I don't believe Nikon thinks its the camera and not the photographer... I think Nikon just learned the true power of social media and how it can bite you in the ass when your not paying attention. lol And some intern learned he isn't going to be the next great marketing genius!
  3. No, Nikon shouldn't be saying dumb stuff like that, they should know better, and if you're the person in charge of a customer facing side of the business then you should definitely not throw stuff like that out.
  4. That's quality. Almost everyone I hear about in the industry says it's more the person behind the camera not the camera itself (although spending a fortune on equipment can make improvements) so for a company trying to sell stuff by saying the opposite is just laughable and I would have thought almost anyone that's into photography would see straight through this.

    Then again there are people with more money than sense so it may well have got some sales - it's a funny old world.

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