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  1. Hi guys, I'm now at the point of looking at getting a second camera body. I want a backup camera to some of the shoots I'm on and secondly my wife is showing an interest and wants to starts shooting.

    Seeing I'm invested in canon lenses I'm probably gonna stick with canon though I'm not sure what I should get. Any ideas?

    Also next year I'm gonna get a proper Fuji to shoot with just for fun. For now it's just a pipe dream and must start saving
  2. If you are bought into Canon then yeah, you need to stick with Canon. You probably want to stick ff as well, if you do end up needing to resort to a second body it would be much easier to be able to take your lens off, stick it on the spare and essentially get the same results. Personally, if you are relying on it as a spare for professional use I would just duplicate whatever you have at the moment - it will be familiar in terms of how you use it and the results should be more or less the same as your main camera.
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  3. Yeah I feel ya. The only thing is that my current body is a 5d mkiii which isn't cheap by any stretch of the woods, so getting another one is quite an investment when I'm also considering proper studio strobes as well later in the year. I guess I could check out the 6D
  4. Why not go for a Crop sensor Canon as your 2nd? You could get something smaller and lighter, and the magnification boost might be useful in some instances. Plus it would be better for your good lady wife.
  5. Yeah, I did wonder about the cost aspect. I think you can get mk2's pretty reasonably these days.

    I think the key thing is to make sure that whatever you get, you are confident you can get consistent results out of it if say you have to switch from your main body to a spare halfway through a shoot, and much of that will depend on which lens(es) you are using - if you are using primes then having to move your camera back 10 feet is not exactly ideal.
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  6. Are you looking for a body to backup in case of failure or something different entirely? Many of the mirrorless cameras can use the SLR glass and approximate aperture priority even without an electronic connection to the lens. When I use my Nikon glass on my Fuji it just calculates an appropriate shutter speed / ISO combo and takes the shot. I suspect I could try it with a specific shutter speed and just let it ride the ISO.
  7. i run a 5d mk1 as my main body but i have a 50d as a back up. tho i'm tempted with a 6d
  8. Hi guys, I actually ended up with the 6D. What @IainK wrote was what was in my mind too. Knowing your distance is key and I'd be using two cameras in certain situations as I'm using primes.
    I'll miss not having 60 odd focus points but having said that I'm normally only using one to place on an eye anyway. It won't kill me. Shooting to SD only may though. But with a considerable price drop than the mkiii but at almost the same quality it seems a no-brainer
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