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  1. Now that I am fully embracing colour film, I've been doing a bit of thinking about scanning. With b&w it's pretty straight forward of course, but I've not been hugely impressed with the results coming out of my scanner and the standard canon scanning software with colour film.

    It seems there are a couple of options, namely silverfast and vuescan, and quite a few people seem to advocate using a photoshop plugin called colorperfect too.

    So, what are people using? Silverfast has not impressed due to the fact that try as I might I cannot get a trial licence from them. Vuescan seems pretty intuative to use, does offer much more flexibility in scanning and the results do seem better, but $90 is no small outlay. Colorperfect is just a confusing clusterfuck as far as I can tell from the trial.

  2. I use Epsom scan, its dead easy to use, cant comment on the results as I hate scanning too much.
    I had a copy of silverfast come with the Plustek scanner I used to use, I'll have a dig and see if the licence can be moved over
  3. I hate it too, fully intending to keep using the canon software for the first pass quick and dirty scan, but was wondering if there is a better way for the shots I want to really make something of.

    You saying you had a copy of silverfast made me remember I got one too with my scanner. Annoyingly though I can find the CD but not the envelope with the licence key.
  4. As I'm not a big ol' baby head I don't mind scanning. I use the Epson software and I've been generally happy. I tried the trial of Vuescan, but as it was so gimped it wouldn't let me scan any image without watermarking it to death I came to the **** you conclusion. Seriously, let me test your software at it's best, not like this.

    With the Epson software you can take full control of RGB levels, there is also an colour correction function. It's just easy

    Been looking at scanners lately, frustratingly I think I might have to start saving up for a new one as my trusty V500 isn't up to the job anymore
  5. Yeah, it's difficult to trial vuescan when you can't output as a neg (to trial colorperfect) and everything is covered in sodding watermarks. From what I can make out the scanning results are different from the canon software, whether that is better is hard to judge without degimping it for £70 or so. Which would buy quite a lot of film.

    I've always been happy with the canon scanner I have, it's the mark I version of this:

  6. Has anyone had any joy connecting a scanner to a Linux computer? I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and struggling...
  7. Hmm, sorry dude. I'll ask my techy tomorrow at work though.

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  8. Hey, I use an Epson V550 and Silverfast. Haven't run into any issues as yet...!
  9. I've been having a bit of a play with the various options. I managed to find my silverfast licence, so have been trying:

    Canonscan (bundled with scanner)

    + Colorperfect, the plugin for photoshop.

    So far, the best results seem to be from scanning as a negative in canonscan and then using colorperfect to turn this into a colour corrected negative, but have only tried a couple of negatives so far. Will post back with example images when I've tried a few more. Given that C41 is flavour of the month at the moment hopefully this will be of interest to a few.
  10. We have a rather fussy old Canon scanner that isn't much fun to use, so I've been experimenting with vintage slide copiers on my DSLR. If you have a full frame sensor, they work out of the box; I have APS-C, so I have cobbled together a system that produces enough macro to get the whole film frame in view. The quality seems about the same as the scanner, though I'm sure a new Epson would outdo it. From there I use Gimp to convert the image to positive and do whatever else, though my knowledge of image processing is very small.

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  12. That looks quite promising! I haven't watched the video yet but even I might use it.
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    I have to say that since posting about my slide duplicator plus DSLR lash-up, I've been doing all my scans on the flatbed. It's old, slow and prone to dust but it does produce nicer results. The painful part is scanning a frame only to discover that it's hopelessly blurry or has some defect in the negative. So a quickie contact sheet type scan with this app might save some time, and that would be worth it.
  14. Now watching the video...

    It looks awesome. I could really see myself buying this (and the light table). I get scans from the lab but sometimes they are not quite how I would want them so I could do this for occasional scans.
  15. my only gripe is that the phone I have (iphone 4s) ain't that great at close focusing :p

    billowens: yeah, specially color film comes out better I think. with less effort atleast
  16. Subscription fee is fine if there's an ongoing service being provided, but he's just selling us a license for software. That's not going to work for me.
  17. That's a shame, I don't like subs models either. I'd prefer to pay more upfront!
  18. yeah, I asked him that on youtube. I'll probably drop it on kickstarter too when that comes up. I've never actually payed for an app so even that step is big for me.

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