Current assignment Same day, same time, one shot 2015!

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  1. Dear Humans!

    The date:

    Saturday, 19th September. 2015. 6.30pm

    What do you have to do?
    Take a photo of where ever you are at that exact point in time and post it up here. Don't worry about time-zones do it in your local time zone. Show us where you are on the 19th September. 2015. at exactly 6.30pm in the evening in your own timezone.

    Hopefully will be a very simple and very fun project. Tweets, facebook & google will be used as a reminder when to take your photos. If you 'watch and receive email notifications' for this forum thread, you will be updated throughout the day.

    This timezone was decided as it is probably getting around sundown wherever you are, rather than the harsh midday sun. I'm sure we may see dark, middle and light scenes from around the world.

    Photos should be put into this forum thread.

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  2. Good shout robot, you have picked the date of the UK meetup for!
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  3. Woop Woop! Saturday's at 6:30pm are right in my sweet spot lol... Hoping to have something AMAZING! Added to calendar!

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  4. That'll be me sitting trying to get the kids to eat their tea...
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  5. Don't forget about this everyone! It's this weekend!
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  6. Cool, I'm a backdrop :)
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  7. Alarm set!!! Can't wait to see everyones photos... Being Saturday night I am pretty much picture mine right now. lol :confused:

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  9. Bugger my alarm didn't go off and now it's 20:19 :-/
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  11. I did actually get a shot for this, as I was waiting in Glasgow Queen Street train station to get home after watching GB GET THROUGH TO THE MOTHERFUCKING FINAL OF THE DAVIS CUP but in all honesty it is an embarrassment so I'm not sure I'm going to even post it. Seriously, it's awful.
  12. Well I took a photo... but for the life of me I can't get it posted here... between Flicker and here I got nothing... so Congrats to yall that took photos and posted them! Great job!

  13. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1442870770.909426.jpg
    I saw this figurine in a shop at that time
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  14. Edit... here is mine... Damn flickr changing stuff all the time! lol

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