Same day, same time 2014 - TAKE A PICTURE!

Discussion in 'Photo Challenges' started by Chris, Sep 28, 2014.

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  2. Hold on, hold on, sorry, always one to ask technical questions.

    Is this local time zone or internationally? @Chris aren't you like 9 hours ahead of GMT? Just wanna clear this up - don't wanna a repeat of puddles, rivers, streams, canals and moats. :)
  3. I think it is local time
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  4. Yeah, local time... so we can all compare what each other is doing at the same time of day at that moment.... that time of day on a Saturday I'm pretty sure I will be drinking lol
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  5. Surprise surprise....
  6. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1412402841.150133.jpg

    Well my daughter fell asleep and my wife was out, so at 3pm I watched the GP qualifying. Crap pic, but hey ho
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    uploadfromtaptalk1412431578608.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1412431640549.jpg Well at 3pm i was spending my day catching up with one of the besties over a plate of curly fries in my apartment :)

    Also got my dad to send me anpic of what he was up too at 3pm
    He was watching football so enjoy his pic aswell :)
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  8. Good start from our Far Eastern correspondent. My house mysteriously emptied around 2:30pm so I thought I would take a rest. I will resume this position as soon as I finish this post...

  9. walking home from fixing a friends pc, forgot all about this pump station being in my town.

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  10. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1412436813.516258.jpg

    I Was having afternoon snooze !! (Don't judge me)
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  11. Had just been shopping, popped to my parents on the way back, they were out. My phone reminder buzzed as I was getting in the car, so I got out and took a photo of the most interesting thing I could find.

    And then I made like a tree, and got out of there.

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  12. Happy days!! Golfed this morning and now relaxing by the pool before the party tonight...

    3:00 central time in Texas!
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  13. Well whilst all you feckless dilatants where chilling out and bloody well dozing, SOME of us were at work, dealing with the office grind. Admittedly my office is more pleasant than most...

    Later on in the day I saw a badger! As in watched a badger eating some apples a mere 40 feet away from me! It was cool, me and the Badg are defo mates now.

    [​IMG]Same day same time 2014. In the garden. by moroseduck, on Flickr
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  14. I forgot. Well, to be fair, I was curled up in bed with a horrendous migraine when I should have been on a bus into town...
  15. ............. oh bugger.
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  17. It looks a little like death row, doesn’t it? #accidentalpartridge
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  18. I suppose if you were going to execute a bird of prey the most human way would be death by firing squad.
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