Salisbury cathedral

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  1. Used a pentax K30 for this, hard to get the light right also if people walk in the way as the shutter is going off.

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  2. I really like it. Churches are hard places to take nice shots of, the light is always a struggle and as you say, people have a habit of getting in the way.
  3. I went to Exeter but they had the scaffolding up which was a shame.
  4. Ahh shame, Exeter cathedral is superb. Lovely shot, I like the way you managed to portray the scale of the place.

    Nice choice of camera by the way, that K-30 is fantastic value
  5. Yes I like Pentax because it's waterproof and it has a stabilizer in the body, and not just the lens. I was at the photography show last year and I always seek out the Pentax stand. Whilst there a guy with a Nikon saw my camera and said it was a 'toy' SLR!! I thought this rather offensive and asked him what he meant. he asked if I intended to sell any of my prints and I said yes eventually. he sniffed and said I wouldn't be taken seriously, unless I invested in a Nikon or a Canon.

    Lets get one thing straight. You DON'T need a posh camera to get a good shot, it's the person behind the lens. It winds me up these so called snobs who harangue other photographers just because they think they haven't got the right kit. There rant over. :)

    I admire Cecil Beeton because he didn't have all these things.
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  6. Damn straight! Bellends like that aren't photographers, they're, well, just Bellends

    The sensor you have in your K-30 is the same sensor used in the Nikon D700 (or something like that) which is one of their enthusiast / semi pro bodies. Presumably that's a "toy" camera too.

    It's a totally pointless pursuit in my opinion. Gear is gear. It's just a tool and you choose the right tool to enable you to do the job in hand. You wouldn't hire a builder on the strength of the brand of his tools he / she uses. You hire a builder on the strength of the end result. Same (or should be) with a photographer.
  7. You will get snobs in the photography world, but I aim to prove that Pentax is just as good. I never knew my sensor was the same as a Nikon. Can I also put useful photography links on here in a post please? :)

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