Retina laptop amazing :-)

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  1. Outside the world of photography I am changing things up a bit by leaving my large corporate employer to go freelance. Not as a photog unfortunately, just as a business consultant. One of the many upsides of this move is my new Macbook Pro Retina which arrived a few days ago.

    The screen is amazing!! I know retina screens are not new but this is the first time I have had one bigger than a phone. I am going to try it out for photo editing and see what it looks like. Initial thoughts though are very favourable.
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  2. I have a macbook pro without retina :`( but where you compare with another notebook the screen already is better, retina is amazing. Unfortunately this kind of stuff here is very very very very expensive, we pay about 3x more than in US.

    Sorry I'm just tired of this.

    US 1,299.00

    Brazil 6,699.00

    currency conversion 1 US = 2.25 = US$ 2,983.17

    I'm a business consultant too ;) good luck with your new career and good bought.
  3. The crap thing about the retina screen is that you start to see websites that are not 'retina ready' and so you see fuzzy logos everywhere haha
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  4. Yep! The one that caught my eye was the guff they put on the right sidebar in Adobe Reader. All fuzzy now as well as impenetrably useless.

    Another good thing about this machine though is it boots from shut down in 9 seconds to being fully useable!

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