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    Here's my first try. IMGP6024s.jpg
    Yes, it *is* a selfie. That whitish vertical line at the bottom of the windows is me, a little bit distorted. Okay, a lot distorted. But you can kind of see my forearm as I'm holding the camera in front of my face, which you can't actually see because it's behind the window frame. Also, Pentax K-x with a lovely Super Takumar 28mm.
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  2. Good man @billowens , both for starting the thread AND for getting the first selfie in. I mean technically at least, I want to see something a little more up close please. And preferably with your head in it :)
  3. Hmm, a selfie where you can actually see my face? That would be daring! Also, I need a haircut before I'm willing to photograph myself.

    I should have asked before jumping in whether you intended for the challenge to be film based, obviously the K-x is a DSLR. My favorite film cameras are packed for the trip next week so I have been pure digital the last couple of days. I actually took yet another oddball reflection selfie today with (shudder) an iPhone 7, so let us know if that's okay...
  4. Image 31.jpg Not technically taken for this challenge. But here is a pinhole selfie of me
    Enjoy it. I know I am the single greatest looking man ever.
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  5. @billowens why on earth would you think digital would be okay.... Admin please banish him immediately...
  6. Ok, I'll be over here loading film in my camera so I can take a selfie hanging my head in shame. And then develop the negative, make a print, and photograph it with my iPhone so I can show you all. ;)

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  7. Lol. Fair point

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  9. It doesn't work from Tapatalk for me either, but it's fine on the web. Worth firing up a browser to see!

    A little self timer action with the new Fuji, from the looks of it. I have to admit that I'm tempted by the lure of instant photography but I have so much invested in conventional film, and such an enormous amount to learn about it, that I don't think I want the distraction...
  10. Are you sure? You're right about the production though! I even used a tripod which is probably the first time this year!
  11. Hmm, I've seen his profile picture...not sure it's worth opening a browser for...!

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  12. The selfie is in color (must not have stock of the new B&W Instax yet) but for somebody who always seems in a good mood on the podcasts, he appears to have only a single, extremely serious facial expression. Perhaps there's room for a smiling selfie as well?

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  13. I'm definitely smiling in this one :D

    [​IMG]Owning ma selfie! by Adrian Stock, on Flickr
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  15. Then SHEBANG!!!

    [​IMG]Selfie 7 by Adrian Stock, on Flickr

    Actually this was about my second or third shot but hey.
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    Okay, here's a proper film selfie, taken with one film camera (Fujica AZ-1 with Yashica 50 mm f/1.4) and using another as a prop (Olympus Pen-EE.s) and developed by me (Rodinal 1+100 semi-stand) and scanned - haven't yet had time to go to the darkroom and make a print of it. I tried a few others but haven't liked any of them, yet.

    [​IMG]Pen-selfie by Bill Owens, on Flickr
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  18. Another film selfie, also with the Fujica (using up the end of the roll) and this time on the revolving door at the entrance to my office building.

    [​IMG]Revolving_door_selfie by Bill Owens, on Flickr
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    1930s Ensign folder with leaky bellows. X-pro e6 fujichrome which I guess is why I'm so f*cking orange...!

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