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  1. I can't believe we didn't have a random video thread

    Check this out - a slow mo of a MASSIVE pipe in Tahiti - worth seeing in HD

    The only snowboarding DVD to get this year:

    I really should be doing cinematography!
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  2. I like watching videos like this (and when I say watch I mean don't listen to the little Aussy ****). At around the minute mark check out the difference in speed between the front and rear tyres (the sidewall writing shows the back is going much faster and spinning up as he gets on the power)


  3. Too funny....
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  4. Quite awesome!

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  5. Very cool, kicks the crap out of Bridgwater carnival
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  7. lol... Lens cap!


  8. come on, who has NEVER EVER even once done it
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  9. Good old Chatroulette...

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  10. That was pretty great.
  11. Haha that was brilliant watching the reactions.

    ps- I still prefer the Dolphins Cheerleaders version :oops:
  12. The link isn't working for me
  13. Looks just like her! ;)

  14. I just posted this and realised you beat me to it - brilliant
  15. Monkeychunk I like how he wakes up when you hit the booze isle lol

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