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  1. Think every forum should have one so here goes.

    Tomorrow I plan to go for a drive and take some pics of what's about. No snow around our way yet but some really cool ice formations.
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  2. A random thoughts thread! That is always needed!

    I'm done with helping other website owners - thats my random thought for today!
  3. this week i will mostly be shooting with a camera! :p
  4. I'm just gunna hibinate in the house and play PS3 this week.....it's too cold for any outdoor photography. Must be getting old!
  5. I just spent 3 hours getting licenses on GT5. Over and over and Over and Over again
  6. Speaking of racing games? You still got NFS: Hot Pursuit?
  7. Played some New Vegas wrote some essays pretty standard weekend.
  8. Not been to school for 10 days, standard.
  9. Taught myself how to adjust the shutterspeed and aperture at the same time. :-D
    Downloaded GIMP and had a go at levels. Twas fun
  10. having been stuck in work i went out and took some photos, messed about with them in GIMP then posted the best one on here (somewhere)
  11. never had it mate - I dont think I will either, my game spending now that I don't do the podcast has dropped dramatically. I see GT5 and Assassins creed lasting my until Feb or March.
  12. Ah right, fair enough.
  13. I have NFS: HP. Good arcade type racer and a lot of fun. It's worth a look.
  14. not really a random thought but definately a random occurance. We just had a cross country skiier effortlessly glide down one of of turfed fields here at work. He really seemed to be enjoying it till he got to the part of the field filled with carrots. There were plough rivots. There was high speed. There was hurtling, actual airbornicity and the eventual effects of gravity. After he'd dusted himself down, he trudged through the remaining field only to be met by an unpassable ditch and hedge. It was here he had to backtrack through the field and come past our office where his casual wave was retorted by a hysteria of laughter.
  15. Watched The Big Lebowski last night, and realised that The Dude is obviously a Jedi.
  16. Damn!

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  17. only you would try that!
  18. setting up servers is harder than I initially thought
  19. if someone has sex at work, where they are paid to be, does that technically make them a prostitute?
  20. not really, as they are not being paid to be a postitute - they are being paid to be an office slut lol
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