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  1. I have had a few e-mails, tweets and Facebook messages in the past week or so I thought I should respond properly.

    Lot's of folk are asking if the podcast is dead. I have only one reply:

    Hell, NO!

    It's been a few months since myself and Adam did a podcast and we have a lot to talk about. In this space in time; Jessops has gone under, horse meat has been found in burgers and my 5D has died...

    As John Lennon said, 'Life is what happens when you're making other plans' and certainly that has happened over the last couple of months. Adam has been drunk and taking photos and I have also been drunk, taking photos and also expecting my first kid any day now. So it's been difficult to get a proper podcast done in the last few weeks.

    So once things calm down a bit, a new podcast will hit itunes soon.

    Cheers for your patience
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  2. Ooooooo, the first child. You are taking a step into a brave new world butty. You'll next taste freedom in about 18+ years, but by gods it'll taste all the sweeter when it arrives.
  3. "Once things calm down a bit" - so we can expect the next one in 6 months or so.... no wait I can see another issue around then ;)
  4. I liked the bit where the dude who's expecting a kid thinks things will ever be calm again. Ahh bless :)

  5. Yeah. Never wanted any myself; only agreed to the one for the Mrs' sake. Strange though, I seemed to be the only one crying when she moved out..........and stranger still, I seemed to be the only one crying (but a lot louder) when she came back! As guys, it is our lot in life to always get it wrong - women have so much to put up with besides the appalling, bone breaking pain of childbirth; and be on you toes in that delivery room pal: When I say "bone breaking pain" I refer to my right little finger which my dear wife nearly twisted off in her drug induced state of bliss. I went into hospital to give the collective gene pool a massive boost, and left with my hand in plaster - don't underestimate the physical strength of a woman in labour, and keep your distance. Try to sneak a chair and whip into the room just in case.
  6. Hardly, if anything I'm more prepped for kids than what you were when you had yours :) You seem for forget I'm an ex junior school & Kindergarten teacher. While you can always give kids back at the end of the day, there is nothing worse than having 25 screaming, crying, shitting, spewing kids all in one class for years on end and all in another language which I hardly spoke. After that I can deal with anything.
  7. Haha still so naive :p

    It's the constant having to be there for them that's the killer, 2 hours to get them to sleep and then to still have to get up 2-3 times each night and then they still get you up at 5am each day - much fun :mad:

    Why oh why have I agreed to go through all of that again :rolleyes:
  8. The only time looking after one child seems easy is when you have more than one! I can just about handle my two but when I only had one it seemed really hard as well. Now one seems almost restful though :)
  9. either way, that is the situation with the podcast.
  10. Agreed! Not such thing you just get moments of silence buts normally when you have passed out or your on the loo
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  11. ... So the next podcast will be recorded in @Chris's toilet?

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