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  1. In the UK we have a TV show called Dragon's Den. In the USA it is called Shark Tank. Dragon's don't live in den's they live in lairs. And most sharks live in the sea. Anyway, I digress. Critique requested on this shot please. Taken of a mate of mine as a thank you as he spent three evenings recently letting me throw his car around Donington Park, one of my favourite places.

    [​IMG]Race driver by Ade968, on Flickr
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    Like it. Quite nice composition, but would have liked to see a bit of steering wheel (tiller?). Bald pate exposure acceptable, with an almost enigmatic expression. Slightly wider FOV might add some narrative and explain the borderline smug expression. Otherwise a bit holiday snappy and seems quite heavilly cropped. Nice shot though.
  3. Thanks Rob! You're right it is cropped but only top and bottom, sides are how I shot it. I do have some wider views which incorporate more of the car he is sat in. Maybe one of those would fare better, there is only the hint of a mirror and steering wheel in the bottom left corner.

    What do you mean by
  4. was it lit from above or in front?
  5. Above and a little in front. Single speedlight into a silver umbrella. Spread the light over the inside of the car and the bonnet. The car is a kit car like a Caterham 7 if you know the shape. Here is a wider shot, again only cropped for height, not width...

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  6. Personally I prefer that version. Nicer expression on his face as well.
  7. second image for me. tho the lighting seams a bit harsh on him to me.

    and donny ain't that far from me.
  8. I need to practice my editing then! 2nd photo seems better received.

    On the lighting, it is a bit harsh. In the rush my setup failed and this is actually shot about a stop too bright on the flash due to me putting the light meter at 100 ISO when I had 200 ISO film in my camera. Only the latitude in the film saved these at all. Lesson learned - go slower and check every setting twice!
  9. And I think I might increase the height on these images as well. As much as I love my cinema ratios, I think a bit of extra space would help.
  10. I'm just super impressed that you're doing all this flash work with film, I haven't got anywhere even close to getting a handle on using flash with digital yet, can't see me trying with film anytime soon.
  11. I find it easier than available light shooting now - you just make the light you need. Exposure has only two variables, aperture and ISO. Shutter speed you can just play with for the surroundings.

    The only downside with flash and film is the lack of instant feedback. Sometimes I use a digital camera to check the setup but other times I just use the light meter. So I tend to use a bigger spread of light (umbrella) when only using film so I don't miss lighting the subject. And you have to visualise the effect a bit but that's just practice.

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