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    Hello, I'm Alex. This is the first time I've posted anything here. Apologies in advance for my ramblings, but I thought I'd share something that's new to me.
    For a while now, my favourite black and white film has been FP4+. I love the 'punch' it has over HP5+ and have often thought it might have been better, if they had each other's characteristics, the 400iso having more contrast for more overcast days and the slower 125iso having a more even spread of tones, for sunny occasions when there's bags of contrast everywhere you look. But despite its low ISO and living in cloudy Wales, I've persevered with FP4+. I have tried other films with more punch like fomapan400, but with 35mm and my lazy 'stand developing' in Rodinal habit, I found it excessively grainy.
    This was how things were, until I saw some beautiful images on Instagram, of HP5+ pushed to 1600iso and then to top it off, I heard an interview with Kyle Myles(check him out on Instagram if you haven't) where he talked about almost exclusively using pushed HP5+.
    So, after hurriedly shooting a roll and consulting the amazing 'Massive Dev' app, I mixed 1+50 of Rodinal (@20 degrees Celsius) and followed the instructions to develop for 24 minutes, agitating for the first minute and for 10 seconds every minute after that. Fixed for 5 minutes, rinsed for 10 minutes, foamed up with washing-up liquid, squeegeed between my fingers and hung up. Once scanned, I was pretty pleased with the results, but felt the highlights would benefit from reining in slightly. So for the next roll, instead of repeatedly inverting the Paterson tank for the agitation, I gently used the twisty stick.

    On the whole I'm really happy with both, I love the contrast and the ability to shoot in natural light indoors. Next time I'll try'n split the difference with the agitation, but I'm definitely going to continue with this process

    I'd love to hear your thoughts

    Below are a couple of examples. The first one was shot with a Nikon F301 and a 35mm e-series lens, the second with my Zorki 4 and a Jupiter 8 lens



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  2. Yay! Thanks for this write up @Alex Purcell , I love the results you're getting and I am so on board for this, and what a perfect time of year to try it as well. Also welcome to the forums, we can never have enough Valley boys :)
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  3. Dude these are incredible...! Actually make me wanna go and dig in the back of my fridge for some black and white film! Good job buddy.

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  4. Thanks very much Neil do it!

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  5. I'm ordering some HP5+ this week, need to get over the disappointment from the currently hanging out to dry Tmax 3200 - don't know where I went wrong, but the negs are really crap and super thin. Very excited to give this a go, especially in medium format.
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  6. How did you shoot and develop it? Because if it's anything like delta3200 it's only really about 1000iso and you have to push it.

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  7. Interesting...I've personally never had any probs with delta 3200, although I don't shoot it regularly I'll admit? Dead chemistry maybe Graeme?

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  8. @Neil Piper @Alex Purcell I really don't know, the chemistry should be fine, really not that old. I rated at box speed and pulled a dev time from the massive dev chart. The results are way worse than anything I've got from Delta 3200 shot at box speed. Maybe I didn't agitate vigorously enough, maybe the film is older than I thought it was, maybe it just doesn't go well with Ilfosol 3. I'll try and get them scanned in as best as I can tomorrow, which should be a real pain in the butt as there is barely any frame definition.
  9. I shot a roll of delta3200 last Christmas and ended up with next to nothing on the neg. Well, a few scanned, but only just. Also, I'm beginning to doubt how accurate the MassiveDev app is. Yesterday I finished a roll of fomapan200 in my wide pinhole Holga, and despite knowing that I had seriously under exposed some of the shots, because I didn't have enough time, the highlights were still blown out. I was going to give up with foma, but after thinking about it today, I'll put another roll I've already got through my Zeroimage2000 and half the development time and see how it looks.

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  10. [​IMG]

    I'm still pushing HP5+ to 1600iso and loving it! This time with an Industar-50 collapsible lens on a Zorki-5, taken at f3.5 at 1/100th of a second.

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  11. Awesome. I so need to give this a go

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  12. I've got 5 rolls of 120 ready to go, just need to empty out a bloody camera now!
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