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  1. I just created a Flickr album with some boring photos, most of which are incorrectly exposed, for the purpose of experimenting with the assertion that you can push individual frames on a roll of film (as opposed to the entire roll) if you're going to stand develop it. My conclusion: this is not the case. Have a look and see what you think...

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  2. Very interesting Bill, I must admit to be surprised by the results, in my experience you can get away with murder stand developing.
    A few years back I tried a similar experiment and shot a landscape at a full range of exposure values and they all came out okish after a stand dev. Now I'm wondering if my camera was misbehaving somewhat.

    Do you go for an agitation after 30 mins? I did originally but no longer go to the trouble.
  3. I wanted to do a landscape test but it was a cloudy day and the light kept changing. I've got another short roll (the other half of the one I split for this test) so I'll give that a go next time we have some sustained sunshine. One reason for choosing the Zorki is that it's 100% manual (in fact, 100% mechanical!) so there's no chance of the camera fixing things for me. I stuck with aperture changes because I don't entirely trust the shutter speeds but there are a few more pics, not posted, that demonstrate the shutter can over/underexpose the picture too, and roughly the same amounts.

    Also, we do agitate at 30 minutes, I'm not sure how much it matters but I don't like the 'halo' effect that some people get when they stand for the full 60. I should probably test that too, and maybe I could be even more laid back about the process. The only small issue we've had so far is that the Paterson plastic reels seem to keep the developer from reaching the far edges of the film, at the sprocket hole line. Not a practical problem but it makes me wonder if the developer is really circulating the way it should, so I've bought a pile of stainless spools and tanks on eBay and will give those a try.
  4. That's really interesting. The recent fault with my F3's light meter(a few stops out), has resulted in massively over exposed 'stand developed' shots. Which points to a similar out come.

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  5. I'm about to start pushing HP5 to 1600iso with Rodinal, after a long period of stand developing. Has anyone got any suggestions for agitation and times? Thanks.

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