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Discussion in 'Picture poster' started by Chris, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. In the thread about nik maybe have stated that the presets are gash, and I generally agree, however if you build them up they can be quite powerful. I just thought I'd put in a few pics here that I have made using nik over the past year or so

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  2. I can't get my head around all this nik chat, I really should download it and play. It's hard to see what's it's for without the original image to compare.
  3. They're really stunning images, but I agree with @Davis, it would be great to see the base shots to give us more of an idea about what you've done with Nik
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  5. I have some before and after shots - a bit more subtle than @Chris.

    Tevi Fountain - before and after

    A thing in the Vatican - before and after

    The thing for me here is the control over light - and then colour. It is the ability to edit selectively that I love and the way it blends your edits. For me, way more natural than an Adobe "Feather".

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