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  1. Following on from comments made in the Christmas podcast and posts here, where would people recommend for ordering prints?

    I'm looking myself to get a print done shortly but not sure where is best to go. I keep hearing on US podcasts about specialist photo printing labs and how much better they are than other places that do prints. Can anyone share their experiences or recommendations?

    Note - It might be useful if people say which country they are ordering in i.e. US, UK or anywhere else.
  2. Mine are all US based places... My favorites at the moment are,,,, and if they are for the wife to cut up and glue in her scrapbooks then I use The quality at Shutterfly is just OK, but they are by far the cheapest. Even as low as $0.09 for a 4x6 if you prepay. Plenty good for the wife's scrapbooking though...

    The best "local" option I have found is Costco. They use really nice Fuji printers and paper and do a really good job with prints. I know a fair amount of wedding photographers that use them as well. The pricing is OK, and being able to go pick them up in an hour is nice.

    One thing all of the labs above allow is for you to download profiles for their printers and paper. Helps to make sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of color.

  3. I had a load of prints done before Christmas by DS color labs and was very pleased with the results, and the price and speed of delivery . As fly has mentioned they do supply a color profile for you to use.
    And they small use fuji paper and printers
    I've also had a come of canvases done by snapmad and been happy with the results, again, great price and delivery,but no color profile from then.
  4. Stupid predictive text.
  5. DS Colour Labs seems decent enough, so I'll maybe give them a try (pity the minimum for delivery is 1St class). I just have to decide on a frame then I'll know what size I need to order.
  6. I use whitewall, loads of choice, great quality
  7. Cheers for the heads up on these guys.

    I spotted this a few days ago so ordered a print for my parents as an extra gift for once they have their hallway decorated.

    16 x 20 Canvas for £8.49 and £5.95 delivery.
  8. An A2 canvas print for under £15 including delivery??? Tempting, very tempting no idea what image I'd use but valid until the 3rd February so plenty time to decide.
  9. I know exactly what you mean. I was debating getting one for myself but can't decide on an image. Only reason I managed to get the one for my parents so easily is because I know of a shot that my dad loves and wanted a print of so that made it simple lol.
    I'm sure I'll decide on another before the expiration date, and I can take that as part of my goal to get at least one print done each month through 2012.
  10. I use these guys for good printing -

    They are based in London and can do laser or ink jet at very high quality up to quite big sizes. I have a 4' by 14" panorama on my wall they printed and it looks great. They are not cheap but are affordable.
  11. I used for some prints and calendars before Christmas. I'm very pleased with the quality of the prints and the calendars and reasonable prices too. I also got a canvas which is great but their prices are a little on the high side for that sort of thing compared to others that have been posted.

    I also recently used a pro service called Sim2000. Very very good prices and excellent quality.
  12. For my paid stuff like albums I use loxely colour. Over the last couple of years I've tried a few suppliers for weddings, even photobox for one couple on a very tight budget and haven't found anyone that can match lovely for quality or service.

    I did once have a problem with photobox applying their auto red eye correct to an album and it greyed out the lips of my model in almost every shot. I had to send them the original Raws to prove that the lady didn't really have grey lips! Just make sure u uncheck any enhancements that they offer if you have already processed the pictures.
    I guess it's because they are a bit like boots, used to getting pictures that have had little or no post work done on them from compact cameras and the like so they have that general correction profile in place.
  13. Forgot to mention - the people I use give you options around how they print. Many consumer-oriented printers will apply some sort of auto-correction to anything you send them. If you have a particular look in mind, I find it best to use a printer that you can talk to and tell them not to do any auto corrections at all. I work on a calibrated screen so I get all my colours right and then want my print to be exactly as I saw it on the screen.
  14. I had a look at the place you suggested but seeing as I don't have a clue when it comes to prints (and defo don't have a calibrated monitor etc) and that they were wanting £8 odd for a single 10x8" print I decided to give them a miss for now. I was thinking £8 may be a bit much if I end up with a print I don't like and given the amount of option I'd have to guess that may well have been the case.

    Instead I ended up ordering up a couple from DS Color Labs as suggested by @moroseduck which only cost me just over £5. I say a couple as I don't even know what would work better in terms of paper so I ordered 1 in Gloss and 1 in Lustre, that way I can just frame the one that works better.
  15. Sounds like a good solution!
  16. Yeah at 41pence a print I thought why not
  17. I have used Peak Imaging in the past

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